Ep. 217: You Might Be Surprised By Jon Taffer’s Take On ‘Rescuing’ Bars and Brands


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In this episode, we’re joined by Jon Taffer, host of popular reality TV show “Bar Rescue” and the creator of Taffer’s Mixologist, a brand of handcrafted cocktail mixes and hard seltzers.

Known for his opinionated and often bombastic on-screen personality, Taffer was instead reserved and thoughtful in discussing several timely topics, including how bar owners can persevere in the Covid era and what he views as the elements of a successful brand. He also chronicled the genesis and growth of Taffer’s Mixologist, sales of which have surged during the pandemic. Taffer also spoke about the importance of authenticity in leveraging his fame and celebrity and why he’s personally involved in buyer meetings and sales visits.

Show notes:

1:07: Interview: Jon Taffer, Host/Producer, “Bar Rescue”; Founder, Taffer’s Mixologist -- Taffer spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about advice for bar owners and bartenders about how to navigate the Covid-19 crisis and what changes the industry the industry will face in the long-term. He also spoke about the competitive landscape for mixers and hard seltzers and how he set out to differentiate his products via formulation, ingredients and flavors. Later, he explained what he believes to be the best use of his time and resources in building Taffer’s Mixologist and how he plans to extend the brand to other categories.

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