55. Food With Benefits


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In this episode Dr. George and John welcome back Jay and Joy from the JingSlingers. Their new book, Food with Benefits has just been released and they are excited to share more info with you.

The amazing “comfort food” recipes in this new book are great for the body, healthy for the heart, and supportive for the spirit.

Dr. George and John talk to the JingSlingers not only about food, but about the whole process they went through to get this beloved project from idea to reality.

How did the book come about, what challenges did they face, how did they finance the project and how can you take some of these lessons learned and apply them to your own passions and projects?

Listen and learn as Jay and Joy share some of the behind the scenes details about creating this unique culinary offering and enjoy vicariously as we taste our way through the recipes!

This conversation might be just the inspiration to help you to move forward with sharing your gifts to the world. Remember, the Year of the Monkey is a great year for entrepreneurs!

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