56. The Ultimate 5 Tonic Herbs


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Can you guess our 5 favorite herbs?

In this episode, discover what Dr. George and John consider their “desert island” herbs and why? This is always a fun game and thought experiment to play with different topics and in this podcast John and Dr. George each talk about the five herbs that they would want with them on a desert island.

If they were limited to only taking five tonic herbs for the rest of their lives, what would they be? Also, what single formula would they take?

Can you guess Dr. George's favorites? One herb is great for emotional balance. Another one is one of the best Qi tonics that helps creates energy in the body. The third herb is an amazing adaptogen that is especially great for entrepreneurs and athletes. The fourth favorite for him helps the body detoxify while you sleep, and the fifth and final favorite—for Dr. George today—has a high ORAC value and nutritional content.

John has some similar favorites and a few different ones. His top herb is a powerful replenishing Yin Jing herb. He also has a Yang Jing herb in his top five. John chose a different adaptogen in his top list—find out what made him choose what he did.

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