48. The Amazing Medicinal Mushrooms


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In this podcast, Dr. George and John go back to basics and talk about that amazing class of supplements: medicinal mushrooms!

You may know something about medicinal mushrooms but in this chapter they really go in depth into some of the lesser known facts surrounding the history and benefits of these intelligent herbs. Written accounts of medicinal mushrooms date back as early as 55 A.D. and certainly have stood the test of time. Now we are learning more about the mycelium and how it is being used to support the immunity of the earth as a whole in addition to supporting the immune systems of its inhabitants.

Remarkably, the digestive systems of medicinal mushrooms are very similar to that of humans! How is this so and what does it mean? What are the specific constituents of these tonics that give them their powerful qualities? How are the various types of mushrooms different from each other and what effects do they have in the body?

Finally, they discuss some characteristics of particular mushrooms: Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, and Poria. Get up to date on your mushroom wisdom by listening now!

Out of 140,000 species of mushroom-forming fungi, only about 100 are being studied for their health-promoting benefits. Even fewer are thought to be strong immune system potentiators. As a natural defense against pathogenic invasion, fungi have developed their own strong antibiotics, which synchronistically happen to be effective for humans. This is why some mushrooms help our bodies maintain a strong defense against certain bacteria and viruses.

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