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Every town has one. A guy who never left Woodstock behind and now he looks like a Hippie Santa Claus. Bryan got invited to world's most terrifying party by his Hippie Santa! Then, The Mountain Monster's fearless leader Buck is investigating another nothing when he gets himself stuck inside a log! Only the MM could find themselves unable to get out of a dead tree.

  • National Park Service has their hands full with Insta-fakesters chasing wild animals
  • NPS now has to issue warnings regarding the licking of toads!
  • DMT is a psychoactive drug secreted by an Arizonan toad leaving them at the mercy of morons!
  • Bryan get's invited to one wild party by Hippie Santa...will he survive?
  • DMT is not a light, fun, recreational drug!
  • Shroom therapy is helping thousands across the world
  • Mountain Monsters are back investigating...nothing?
  • Buck gets stuck inside an empty log
  • The MM decide to call out to the 30000 pound killing monster
  • Bryan and Krissy can't stop thinking about what could have been with MM!


  • Creator: Bryan Green
  • Co-Host: Bryan Green
  • Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley
  • Written By: Bryan Green
  • Exec Producers: Bryan Green & Krissy Hoadley

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  • YouTube Producer & Editor: Morgan Please
  • Audio Editing: Christina A.
  • Executive Director: Astrid B.
  • Associate Producer: Gustavo

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