016: Massage Therapy, Children's Vision, and Juggling with Marybetts Sinclair


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In this episode of the Naked Eye Podcast, Nathan interviews Marybetts Sinclair, who is a massage therapist and natural vision improvement teacher from Corvallis, Oregon. Marybetts has been a massage therapist since 1975 and loves exploring the connection between chronic upper body tension and vision problems. Her interest in this began when she noticed that the relaxation she provided people through her bodywork and massage would almost immediately vanish the moment they stood up and put their glasses back on. To facilitate the most comprehensive solution, she started referring her clients to see other practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique, and the Bates Method. After significantly improving her own vision using the Bates Method, she also became certified to teach it and incorporate it with her preexisting massage practice. Marybetts is also an avid juggler and talks about how juggling can grow your brain and improve your vision.

Visit http://www.marybettssinclair.com for more information about Marybetts and her books, articles, and classes.

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