044: The Intersection of Yoga & Bates Method with J. Brown


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In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld is joined by J. Brown to discuss the similarities between Yoga and the Bates Method.

J. Brown is a world-renowned yoga teacher based in Pennsylvania and host of the Yoga Talks Podcast.

With both their backgrounds in yoga and their shared curiosity about natural vision improvement, J. and Nathan had an enlightening conversation that covered topics ranging from the negative side effects of wearing glasses, the importance of spending time outdoors with the naked eye, the benefits of taking more gentle and subtle approaches to yoga and vision training, the role of intuition and the third eye, the difference between controlling your vision and finding power in your vision, the limiting and liberating aspects of beliefs, finding the right amount of healthy skepticism and questioning, the power of visualization, and much more!

Check out J. Brown's podcast Yoga Talks and visit his website www.jbrownyoga.com to read his inspiring blog.

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