Jon Hershfield - The mindfulness workbook for OCD & The OCD Workbook for Teens (#259)


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In episode 259 I chat with Jon Hershfield. Jon is a psychotherapist and the director of The Center for OCD and Anxiety, at Sheppard Pratt. He is the author six OCD books, including his most recent book the 2nd edition of “The mindfulness workbook for OCD”, and his upcoming book “The OCD Workbook for Teens”.

In this episode I chat with Jon about what’s new with him, The mindfulness workbook for OCD, what the book about, what’s new with this 2nd edition, Jon’s personal experiences with meditation and mindfulness, why he broke the book down by themes. We discuss The OCD workbook for teens, what it’s about, Sean Shinnock’s illustrations in the book, exercises in the book, how he works with teens, staying in the present moment, dealing with uncertainty, living joyfully, and much much more. Hope it helps.

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