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The Psychedelic Coach Podcast is where science meets mysticism. Whether you are a health professional, life coach, therapist, human optimization expert or someone deeply impacted by the possibilities in the psychedelic space, you may be wondering, well now what? Meet Tah and Kole Whitty, the dynamic duo behind The Psychedelic Coach podcast. With a combined experience of nearly 50 years in the healthcare and wellness industry, no one can speak to the psychedelic therapy space like they can. Tah, a registered nurse with over 31 years of experience, spent 23 of those years on the front lines of emergency rooms in NYC. He has a personal health journey of his own, being told he would be blind by the time he was 40, and at 51, he is more vibrant with a clearer vision than ever. Kole's journey began when she ended up in a coma from a drug overdose at 17, and was labeled an addict by society. She worked with organizations such as the DARE program and Partnership for a Drug-Free America, speaking all over the world about the dangers of club drugs until... her own health crash in 2008 and desperation to live took over and guided her back to psychedelics for healing. Together, they have created The Condor Approach, a data-driven, integration method that they now train coaches through the Condor Coach Certification program to revolutionize how we approach coaching others. Their methods create radical self-responsibility and community healing containers, empowering individuals and practitioners to take control of their own healing journey. They are now training psychedelic-informed coaches to step forward as leaders in the "Integration Is Not Optional" movement. Tah and Kole have facilitated hundreds of retreats and workshops and have worked with thousands of clients, helping them achieve long-term wellness and a deeper understanding of themselves. They have been featured in various media outlets and events such as Aubrey Marcus’ Fit For Service, The Life Coach Podcast with Brooke Castillo, Psychedelics Revealed by Jeff Hays, and hundreds of podcasts. They are dedicated to spreading the word about the transformative power of integration and are committed to shifting the wellness paradigm globally! Their mission is to certify 10,000 psychedelic-informed practitioners by December 31, 2027, and to shift the global paradigm of wellness by creating systematic inclusion of the practice of integration in all health and wellness formats worldwide. Their vision is to see integration become a household word and a critical and foundational mainstay in all wellness formats worldwide. Join Tah and Kole on their podcast as they share their wealth of knowledge and experience in the psychedelic therapy space and inspire you to take control of your own healing journey. With Tah and Kole, you'll be in the best hands to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and self-healing.

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