Big Wave Legend Garrett McNamara On Chasing 100ft+ Waves


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Meet legendary big wave king Garrett McNamara. Garrett is an internationally recognized big wave surfer who commanded global attention by surfing one of the world’s largest waves in Nazaré, Portugal, and popularizing Nazaré’s now famous surf break. He has also accomplished a myriad of other absolutely insane surfing feats like surfing waves generated by a 300ft glacier in Alaska, giant barrels breaking on shallow, jagged reefs, and on massive, open ocean hurricane swells.

We dive into Garrett’s background—how he began surfing, his 100-foot wave quest, and the docu-series that captured it all. As an added bonus, Garrett’s wife Nicole—absolutely his partner in all things—joins the conversation at the end to enlighten us on the manifestation spiritual practice she and Garrett utilize to guide their decision-making and execute their goals. Garrett is he’s quite a character, truly one of a kind. My exchange with him and Nicole is one I won’t soon forget.

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