#23 - Julie Murphy on Yoga Nidra, Synchronicities, and The Power of Intention


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On this episode of The Yogi Show the boys have an amazing chat with Julie Murphy aka Yogaressa. Julie has been sharing her love for yoga since 2007, particularly Yoga Nidra guided meditation these days. She hails from South Africa and is based in the US.

She has helped thousands of people find peace in their sleep cycle with her guided meditations on the app Insight Timer and leading international yoga retreats

Get your comfy clothes on, and grab your yoga mats or whatever you prefer to sleep on because we are having a live yoga nidra session at the end of this episode. Please do not nidra and drive, only listen and meditate at home. Listen and relax, while falling more and more into a deep yogic sleep. Find yourself and get well rested for the next day.

Julie also shares amazing stories about synchronicites and meaning, and tells us about the time she met his holiness the Dalai Lama. Be prepared to smile and receive positive energy.

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Get all her guided meditations on here: bit.ly/Yogaressa

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