Amazing Grace


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Everyday we hear tragic stories in the news. Our goal is to present you with amazing success stories of people who have gone from Tragedy to Triumph

Episode 29: Amazing Grace - Casey Steckling

Casey Steckling shares his amazing story of Recovery. Early on Casey found his escape in substances and used anything he could to fill the hole inside. As it grew larger, he found himself using more and ever closer to a pit of despair. At one point, he even tried taking his life and though he set out to die that day, a power greater than himself stepped in and everything changed.

Today, Casey has a life that revolves around his faith, family, and helping others. He is an active member of society and is changing the narrative of what Recovery looks like. He is an advocate for those who need our help and does community outreach with Dayton Recovers. He is doing BIG things!

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