Breaking Chains


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Episode 46: Breaking Chains

In this powerful episode, Bri Jaynes (Breaking Chains: The Whitney Project) shares her amazing story of Recovery. For the vast majority of her life, Bri had struggled with substance abuse and made attempts to change her life. From what she has shared, at one point she even fell victim to the "Florida Shuffle". If you don't know what that is, you'll just have to listen.

Today, Bri is an advocate for change, has a life centered around her Recovery and helping others affected by human trafficking. Breaking Chains: The Whitney project was created in honor of her late sister her lost her life to overdose.

Amazing stories from people in Recovery hosted by Aaron Laine. A unique perspective from those who struggled with drugs and changed their lives. My goal is to share stories from people all over this country and share some hope for those who feel like they can't break free. If we can change our lives... so can you.

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