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Dave with Dopey podcast shares his amazing story of Recovery.

Dopey is an American self-help and comedy podcast about personal experiences of substance abuse and addiction. The show is anonymously hosted by Dave, a recovering addict based in New York City, and was formerly co-hosted by Chris, a fellow addict and graduate student from Boston, Massachusetts. Dave has described the show as being about "drugs, addiction, and other dumb shit." Initially conceived as a show about the humorous side of addiction, specifically excluding stories about recovery, the focus has changed over time, especially following Chris' relapse and overdose death in July 2018.

As of 2019, Dave hosts the show alone, with occasional celebrity guests and sat down to tell me his amazing story

Amazing stories from people in Recovery hosted by Aaron Laine.

A unique perspective from those who struggled with drugs and changed their lives. Everyday we hear tragic stories in the news. People who lose their lives to addiction and the ugliness that surrounds it. Our goal is to present you with amazing success stories of people who've changed their lives and have gone from tragedy to triumph!

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