#30 - Lead Psychologist at the Centre for Paediatric Eating Disorders, Texas, Dr Kelsey Latimer


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Dr Kelsey Latimer is the Lead psychologist in the Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders of the Children’s Medical Center Plano, Texas. She is also an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Kelsey works in all levels of care, including inpatient and partial hospitalization, and leads the intensive outpatient program, where she develops and implements programs. Her research is focused on eating disorder prevention and intervention, and clinical outcomes of eating disorder programs. Kelsey has presented at over 40 regional/national/international conferences on topics of eating disorder treatment, body image and supervision/training. She has also been featured as a media expert source on Fox 4, Cosmopolitan.com, The Washington Post, Gurze Books Newsletter, Brit & Co, yahoo style, and several podcasts. This is a long episode - and for very good reason- Kelsey is an absolute gift to the field of psychology and specifically the field of paediatric eating disorders. She is not only clinically active but her awareness of and commitment to building community awareness for an issue that is so laden with socio-cultural factors is both impressive and inspiring. So let's see how we all wear it differently with Dr Kelsey Latimer.

For all the links Kelsey spoke about and her best self-care tip check out the show notes.

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