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What are the The Best 1980s & 1990s Movies? Do you find yourself asking if the movies we loved while growing up were really that good? Have you caught yourself thinking, “why don’t make movies like they use to?” Can you still remember spending your Friday Nights searching for the perfect movie rental at Blockbuster Video? Do you know what Blockbuster Video is? If you answered yes, then this is the podcast for you! Website: Email: hosts@shatth ...
Read it and Weep
Read it and Weep is a good podcast about books, movies, and TV hosted by Alex Falcone. Each week, we discuss something from pop culture with an emphasis on blockbusters, failures, and nostalgia.
Comedian Doug Benson (Super High Me, Last Comic Standing) invites his friends to sit down and discuss his first love: movies!
The Flop House
A comedy podcast examining the worst in recent film. With your hosts Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington.
A one stop shop for all things movies. The MFF crew tackle the real issues like "What is Kurt Russell's best sleeveless shirt?" Listen Enjoy Share
We Hate Movies
Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.
School of Movies
Super in-depth analysis of movies (and occasionally TV, and video games). Hosted by veteran podcasters Alex & Sharon Shaw with different guests for round-table chats every week.
Filmmakers and entertainers discuss the movies that inspired them. Hosted by Oscar nominated screenwriter and TFH Guru Josh Olson. The Movies That Made Me is recorded live at Patio 7 in the historic Crossroads of the World complex in Hollywood and engineered by film composer Don Barrett.
Maltin on Movies
Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie are the ultimate movie fans. They love talking about movies, especially with people who share their enthusiasm—from living legends like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Quincy Jones to such contemporary artists as Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Laura Dern, and Bryan Cranston. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting people and hear their recommendations of unsung movies you ought to know.
The Cine-Files
Each week on The Cine-Files we enter the world of great film and explore its ideas, history, filmmakers and the influences it has on movies today
Mark Kermode joins Simon Mayo to give his verdict on the week's movies
The latest in movie news, reviews, and gossip - delivered weekly! Special guests, top 5 lists, and all the film-themed shenanigans your ears can handle! Hosted by Keith Ruckus.
This is a podcast about movies, with Tucker Stone and Sean Witzke.
We Hate Movies
Melissa Savage and Katie Molloy met in film class, and haven’t been able to stop talking movies ever since. Each week they watch a movie and review it, stopping to make plenty of nerdy references along the way.
The film experts at Little White Lies, along with selected colleagues and friends discuss the latest movie releases. Truth & Movies has all your film needs covered, reviewing the latest releases big and small, keeping you across important industry news, and reassessing great films from days gone by with the Truth & Movies Film Club. All brought to you by the people behind Little White Lies, the world's most beautiful film magazine. email: twitter: @LWLies www.lwl ...
Bald Movies
First-Run movie reviews the night of release as well as commissioned movie podcasts from the Bald Move listeners.
A podcast about Disney movies of the past, present, and future.
Helping you watch the TV shows and movies you want when you want where you want and on whatever darn device you please.
Medium Popcorn
"Medium Popcorn (a.k.a. Ni**as Spoiling Movies) might not be the most scholarly, civilized movie review podcast out there, but damnit to hell, it’s the funniest." (Craig Lindsey, AV Club)Film enthusiasts Brandon Collins and Justin Brown host this weekly podcast focused on reviewing various movies they recently watched and other random observations. This podcast has been featured by Rotten Tomatoes, Huffington Post, Splitsider, and TimeOut NY!
Every Friday at 3.20pm, Sean is joined in studio by our movie reviewer and booze expert to discuss the latest cinema releases and a selection of beer or wine. Each week in a relaxed and casual environment the three chat about movies over some beer or wine just like being in a pub or at a dinner party!
Brought to you by the IGN Movies staff, The IGN Movies Show podcast series offers listeners the latest news, box office numbers and reviews for all things Hollywood. No star is too big or film too small for this Movies channel roundtable.
We Watch Movies
Do you watch movies? We do. Join us each week for movie talk, movie reviews and other movie stuff.
Power Pals Podcast
Hilarious buddies, costume designer, Avery Faeth (multiple Blizzcon award-winning cosplayer), stand up comic Mike Black, (The Night Time Show, Comedy Store Regular, AFT, Action Figure Podcat) and comedian/drawer of elf butts, Andrew DeWitt (NYTV Festival, Sundance, TV Land, Jimmy Kimmel, AFT and Boner City USA) join forces to dismantle the typical "geek/nerd culture" show and turn it upside down. Get ready for a raunchy ride down the gutter where everything from Warhammer, Dungeons and Drago ...
Ryan, a lifelong fan of the Japanese Godzilla movies, forces his two friends, Joanna and Sam, to watch the entire series with him. In each episode, the trio breaks down one of the movies and exposes its beautiful atomic glow and ugly atomic warts alike.
Welcome to 26 MOVIES FROM HELL, a podcast dedicated to discussing, reviewing and shedding light on overlooked and underrated Cult, Horror, Experimental, 70’s Exploitation and just plain Strange movies. We start at ‘A’ and end at ‘Z’ and start all over again. The idea behind the series podcast is to get our guests and listeners involved with the selection process. Prior to each show, we will share Clips, Trailers and Movie info of the contenders,via Twitter at @26MFHPOD after which, we will p ...
Celebrity interviews, all the latest movie news and trivia
Brian Brushwood and Tom Merritt spoil the TV shows and movies they've been watching.
How to Survive
'How to Survive' is a film review podcast with a twist. The discussion centres around one key question: 'How would you survive in this movie?' Each episode centres around one classic movie. Often, they are horror movies, but there are also lots of thrillers, action movies, adventure movies and the occasional romantic drama for good measure. If you've ever rolled your eyes when the victim goes outside alone; tutted when the killer returns from the dead; or shouted 'DON'T GO IN THERE!', this i ...
Den sedelärande och folkbildande podcasten från Geeks. Medverkar gör redaktörer från SweClockers, FZ och 99.
Those Who Can't Do, Whine
A podcast about movies the awards forgot
Smart genre film chat focusing on horror, action and sci fi.
Every other Friday, Doug McCambridge and Jamie Lorello discuss a film from the 1980s. Some are films we haven't seen since we were kids and offer a fresh perspective. Others are films we've never seen before but probably should have. Do they hold up? Are they classics? Or would these films just be better off having been lost to time?
Puck Soup
We’re Greg Wyshynski of ESPN, Sean "Down Goes Brown" McIndoe of The Athletic and Ryan Lambert of Yahoo Sports and this is a hockey podcast, in the sense that we talk about hockey, both on the ice and about fan culture. That’s the “puck.” This is also a podcast about movies, TV, fast food, life lessons and general idiocy. That’s the “soup.” Unless you ordered the minestrone.
Super Heroic is a PODCAST about Comic Books that evolve into Television Shows and Movies! Do you like movies like, Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, or Fantastic Four? Are you looking forward to movies like Batman vs Superman or Captain America: Civil War? Can you get enough of TV Shows like The Walking Dead, Flash, Gotham, or Arrow? Well, then this is the show for you! Mick Montgomery & Guests discuss the latest news, do reviews on movies and tv shows, discuss the latest Trailers, ...
Movie review podcast of B movies and beyond from Netflix and where ever else we saw a movie.
DC Movies, TV, and Comic Podcasts
In the desert of the WEIRD Ben and Greg (Boseephus) are on a journey to find the truth and make it tap-out. The boyz take on conversations about movies, popculture, wrestling, conspiracy, paranormal, magic and of course sex bots. With a dash of comedic gold on top, this show will blow open your third eye to the cosmic 5th dimensional cesspool that lays at the end of time. Join us on this very stupid adventure into the WEIRD!
Join Zaki Hasan of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and comic book writer Brian Hall as they engage in hilarious and insightful conversations on all the latest out of Hollywood, including news, reviews, and interviews with some of the biggest names in movies!
Are you ready for a revolution in film criticism? Kevin Carr and hosts the syndicated radio program Fat Guys at the Movies, with podcasts of the show available through iTunes each week. Kevin gives a unique perspective on film beyond the snobby, pretentious art-house circles. Do you like big event films with lots of awesome explosions? Or maybe you like a standard chick flick. Of course, Kevin is always there to appreciate an exploitation movie with copious amounts of boobs. Hear an everyday ...
Technical Alpha
Hosted by Adam (NovaWar) and Jeff (MaximusBlack), Technical Alpha aims to put our opinions on video games, movies, and tech out into the real world where people may judge us feverishly. If things aren't on fire we're not trying hard enough.
The Big Picture
The Ringer dives into movies as Editor-In-Chief Sean Fennessey sits down with Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers, breaks down the latest industry trends, handicaps the upcoming Oscars race, and reviews new films with Ringer colleagues like Shea Serrano, Amanda Dobbins, and Bill Simmons.
Staff Picks
Movies that deserve more love
This Megafeed includes every Abnormal Entertainment podcast plus exclusive content!
On Slate's Spoiler Specials, Slate critics, such as Dana Stevens and Willa Paskin, discuss new movies and TV shows in spoiler-filled detail. We dissect twist endings, plot holes, and other secrets you won't read in reviews.WARNING: This podcast contains spoilers (duh).
Watch what you want, where you want, when you want on whatever device you please. Take control of your TV, Movies and more.
Big Gross Movies
Comedians Dave Atkinson and Meg Mackay invite hilarious guests to go back in time to study the popular culture and history of a year and then watch the highest grossing movie of that year to try and find out why it was that year's Big Gross Movie.
Movies That Matter
Welcome to Movies that Matter, the podcast about recent films going above and beyond the call of box office returns to boldly explore a social issue affecting people’s lives.
Movies First
Movies, more movies and then maybe other stuff. Reviews, opinions, news and ratings. If you love movies you’ll love Movies First with well-known and respected reviewer Alex First.
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show series
[School of Movies 2019] Not long after the 1999 original hit theatres Universal were on the phone to director Stephen Sommers with a basic request; "We need another one". And another one they got. The creeping mystery and classical style of the first film was left in the sand and instead this is a rip-roaring race against time treasure hunt act ...…
This week, we came to you from Galway, with thanks to our sponsors Lidl.Jean Smullen reviewed 2018...
Predator rocked the barrier between action and sci-fi when Arnold Schwarzenegger battled a new kind of enemy in 1987. This isn't that movie. On its face, taking the thrilling Predator formula and applying it to an urban setting makes for a good movie. Throw in big names like Danny Glover, Bill Paxton, and Gary Busey, and you should have a block ...…
Doug is slightly concerned when he sees the interview the The Incredible Shrinking Woman's husband on the 'Sparkle Lady Talk Show'. He has some very bad things to say about the Institution for the Unexplained and that's where Jamie was just sent a few months earlier. Doug was sure to put plenty of air holes in the cardboard box and even a large ...…
Kevin Brownlow is the superhero of film historians, with an Oscar to prove it. Now you can hear his “origin story.” Fifty years ago his book The Parade’s Gone By offered a vivid portrait of the silent film era and its glories, influencing a generation of movie buffs and scholars (including Leonard). He held Leonard and Jessie spellbound as he r ...…
Answering the big question...should I see this movie? The Kindergarten Teacher (Drama) A kindergarten teacher in New York becomes obsessed with one of her students whom she believes is a child prodigy. Director: Sara Colangelo Writers: Sara Colangelo, Nadav Lapid (based on the screenplay by) Stars: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gael García Bernal, Ato Bla ...…
In this episode we have a first time guest, Danielle who loves books! We review Canadian Bacon (1995), Mercy Black (2019), Gone Girl (2014), and Swimfan (2002). Find out what we would do as ghosts and who we would possess...Oprah. You get a beer and you get a beer! We talk about new trailers: Dark Phoenix, Star Wars: Rise the Skywalker, and Chi ...…
We are not in flavor country, we are in Bava Country. And on this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, Mario Bava’s fun giallo, Hatchet for the Honeymoon. The film was lusciously shot in Barcelona and Rome with the working title Un’accetta per la luna di miele. And Bava completed shooting in October 1969. The setting … Continue reading R ...…
On this month's full-length bonus episode, the gang is chatting about the completely tone-deaf Death Wish remake! How impressive is it that Bruce manages to participate in—WHOOPS! This episode is for subscribers only! To access the full show, head on over to our Patreon page and sign up today!
John Cena is in talks to join the cast of The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey has finished filming. We discuss that on today’s episode plus news on Swamp Thing, Shazam!, Y, and Titans. John Cena in talks to join the cast of The Suicide Squad – Variety Justin Kroll on Twitter added this […]
This week’s episode of Truth & Movies is double hard-boiled, as Michael Leader, Sophie Monks Kaufman and Adam Woodward inspect S Craig Zahler’s button-pushing slowburn procedural, Dragged Across Concrete, and, in Film Club, Don Siegel’s classic cop thriller from 1971, Dirty Harry. Sandwiched in between is an altogether less serious film, Neil J ...…
Deadly Class from Syfy has arrived! Episode #186: Deadly Class pt.1! is READY for download! This week we review Deadly Class! Which kid is the best? Why is the music so good? Listen and find out! Super Heroic is a Podcast about Comic Books that evolve into Movies and TV Shows! We love Comic Books. If you are a fan of Comic Books and you find yo ...…
We have wonderful listeners, we wouldn’t get to 102 episodes without them, so when they write to us and ask us to cover movies they’ve watched, who are we to say no? But when we actually see what it is that we’re being asked to watch, we think WHY DO YOU HATE US SO MUCH. […]
This week in honour of National Canadian Film Day we watched the highest-grossing technically Canadian film ever made: Resident Evil Afterlife! We talk about what is happening in the movie, why it is happening, and do not come up with any answers, but have a lot more questions. We kinda lost our minds.…
CHOCK FULL O' INFO! 'Coming to America 2' information, reaction to the new 'Child's Play' doll, 'John Wick 3' speculation, and so much more! PLUS: 'Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker' - reactions, speculation, rumors, and where Disney is going to take the universe. Countdown to Endgame: We talk about how messed up it is to talk about Endgame spoilers ...…
The MFF podcast is back, and this week we're talking about the 1993 action-epic Cliffhanger. We love this Renny Harlin directed movie and couldn't wait to talk about John Lithgow punching Sylvester Stallone in the ribs, and the actual cost of hijacking a plane in the air. In this episode, you will also hear us discuss burger restaurants, weird ...…
Famed comic book artist Stephen Bissette (Swamp Thing).
Live from Zanies Comedy Night Club in Nashville, Doug welcomes Trey Galyon, Justin Thompson and Joe Pettis to the show. You can find the entire archive of Doug Loves Movies on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to and use promo code "DOUG."
Tom Hanks & Paul Greengrass in talks to work together again on a post civil war tale, a Grease prequel is on the way, a sequel to cult classic 'Human Traffic' is in the works as well as a Monsters Inc. spinoff series! Plus all the new releases with Garret Daly.
This Week: Kevin talks about the upcoming Grease prequel, then sounds off on JJ Abrams’ comments about The Last Jedi. After looking at trailers for The Lion King and The Addams Family, Kevin reviews Hellboy, Missing Link, Little and After. Then, along with some box office notes, he looks at the documentary Marwencol and how it relates to the Ho ...…
Jim and I saw the Neil Marshall helmed, David Harbour starring 2019 reboot of Hellboy. And it's the definition of a mixed bag. Sporting an impressively low 11% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Jim thought the movie was bad, but I borderline loved it. I have no explanation for my critical disparity, and I can see the issues with plot and humor t ...…
Garrett and Nicole discuss The Best of Enemies, the decidedly ho hum film-making, the ways that white people can be race baited against their economic interests, and whether racism is so baked into American it can never be eradicated. We veer into a discussion about casting actors with disabilities and whether it “diminishes acting.” We celebra ...…
We go over some of the most iconic rock star movies ever made and review the recent slew of films in that vein—including ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ ‘A Star Is Born,’ ‘Vox Lux,’ and more (1:30). Then, Elisabeth Moss and Alex Ross Perry join the show to talk ‘Her Smell,’ their recent installment in the trend (31:00). Host: Sean Fennessey Guest: Lindsay ...…
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