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Breathe Easy Podcasts: Conversations in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Sit, Breathe, Bow
Each week leading Buddhist teachers share life experiences and insights to help guide your meditation practice as well as your life off the cushion.
Roll to Breathe
Actual play podcast about good people surviving a bad world.
Welcome to Daily Breath, where we pause the hectic world around us, refocus ourselves and expand our minds. I invite you to join me for a few short minutes each day to explore impactful ideas and themes that directly relate to all of our lives. Together we will delve into topics such as happiness, gratitude, love, sex, the true self, physical well-being, death and more. This is a space to build mindfulness into your daily routine and to end your week peacefully with a complete 10-minute medi ...
Podcast by Lynne Rowe - The Woolnest
Most people struggle to connect with God. We’ve created a Bible-based meditation podcast teaching you the skills to live from peace and grow your relationship with God.Cultivate Connection is a weekly podcast where you spend 30 minutes focusing on scriptures from the word of God. When you subscribe, you'll receive the latest podcast direct to your inbox every Thursday, helping you find strength and encouragement in the quiet places.Visit us online at
Change Agent
How can learning the secrets of competitive breath holding help a woman fix an online shopping habit? What can a recovering alcoholic learn from a Domino's Pizza marketing campaign? Charles Duhigg, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of “The Power of Habit,” hosts this podcast that turns obstacles into opportunities. We unearth surprising stories from science and business to offer solutions to people's problems. Will the solutions work? We stick around to find out.
Anything that narrows the throat and interrupts sleep, particularly breathing problems brought on by sleep position, illness, life changes, or your anatomy, may be key to understanding a host of common health issues. Join Dr. Steven Y. Park as he discusses various important issues related to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS). Guests include top sleep physicians, dentists, surgeons, orofacial myologists, a psychologist, and even an anthropologist.http:/ ...
Overwhelmed? Join Steve Austin on the sacred journey from chaos to calm. Each 30-minute episode will focus on spiritual and practical ways to catch your breath. Topics include: mental health, self-compassion, shame, stress, relationships, and more.
Breathe Motivation
Join host Anthony Hester as he helps you find your purpose and passion in your day to day life. Free yourself of the stress, worry, and frustration of life by listening to episodes that help guide you through life obstacles. Whether you are looking to find confidence, balance, understanding, positive mindset, or just want some quick motivation for the day then Breathe Motivation is the podcast for you. Breathe Motivation. Exhale Success.
A Depeche Mode Podcast. Insights, Interviews, Panel Discussions, and more!
Makers & Mystics
The Official Podcast of The Breath & the Clay Creative Arts Movement. Hosted by poet-musician, Stephen Roach, Makers & Mystics is the podcast for the art-driven, spiritually adventurous seekers of truth and lovers of life.
Breathe upon Waking
Philosophy, self-help, parenting, reading, writing...making meaning of the moments.
NPR describes the award winning Hot Breath! as "discovering the desire to be a comedian, their craft and their unifying bond found within the world of stand up comedy."What started as a platform to highlight Atlanta comedians on Last Comic Standing has since evolved into a weekly masterclass on the craft of comedy that performers and fans alike have voted to be the "Best Atlanta Podcast" in Creative Loafing and featured in Atlanta Magazine.Tune-in every Monday to hear comedian host Joel Byar ...
podcast for all things horror - movies,news and reviews.
Every Friday morning Dr. Melissa West releases a one hour free yoga class for you to enjoy. She is a yoga instructor who helps people to surrender to peace in their lives by connecting to the vital energy within their body through breath, cultivating optimal functional movement by harnessing the power of gravity and increase overall mobility by creating more suppleness in the spine.
Beer Breath Podcast is the sports podcast that is a little bit about sports, and a lotta bit about everything else. The cast is full of Big XII sports fans, and the "house divided" makes for tense arguments and debate. These podcasts are all recorded in our home studio. Just a bunch of life long friends talking sports and drinking beer.
Tales to Terrify
The unseen creature whose ravenous fangs dog your every step as your footfalls echo down the midnight alleyway. — A long, icy shadow looming over you, making the hairs on your neck rise and your breath turn to ragged puffs of mist. — Unearthly howls that pierce the night, pulling you from the comfort of sleep with feverish, heart-pounding dread. — Welcome to Tales to Terrify, a weekly horror fiction podcast that gets under your skin, lays eggs and hatches writhing baby horrors nursed on your ...
A dynamic podcast exploring the different experiences people with cystic fibrosis may face during their lives. Gunnar Esiason joins Tiffany Rich and Lea Faraone, otherwise known as the Salty Cysters, to talk about the in's and out's of cystic fibrosis from some of the anxieties and stresses that patients face to some of the lighter sides of the disease. Breathe In: A Cystic Fibrosis Podcast aims to characterize the disease in a positive way while showcasing the challenges that people with cy ...
I created this podcast so you can practice yoga anytime, anywhere, without having to look at your phone. This helps you develop a consistent practice of listening to your body, mind and breath and trusting yourself; among the most powerful skills that yoga can teach you. What you will hear are live recordings of yoga classes. I’ll instruct in such a way that you can follow along without needing to see anything. This helps keeps your focus on your own experience internally and less needing to ...
This no-nonsense health and wellness show features best-selling authors and thought leaders in nutrition, mental health, relationships, and self-improvement. Each episode also includes listener Q&A. Hosted by yoga trainer, writer, and expert speaker, Lucas Rockwood, the founder of YOGABODY and The Yoga Teachers College.
Breathe Full
Podcast by Sheena Jeffers
Explore the vast world of spirituality, self-inquiry, and yoga-ish literature alongside renowned yoga teachers and wellness consultant's Patrick Beach and Carling Harps. Each week we'll dive into a popular book together and just like your neighborhood book club or your grandma's bridge crew, we'll dissect and discuss, maybe glean some knowledge, and maybe get a little distracted along the way. You can join us each week by following the reading schedule and becoming part of the club! The Brea ...
Welcome to The Daily Refresh where we share a quote to inspire the mind, gratitude to warm the soul and guided breathing the energize the body 7-days a week! You can subscribe to The Daily Refresh on your favorite podcast app or add it to your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings. Visit for guided tutorials on how to do the above and while you're there, share something YOU are grateful for and we might just feature you on an upcoming show!
Super Flexible
Blowing smoke with a breath of fresh air. Superflexible Podcast brings you opinions from Steve Halupka @TheRealHalupka, Jason Soukup AKA 2drink @FL2drinkminimum, and Shane Swager AKA Swag @DFF_Swag. Bringing you current rankings, trends, and strategies to help optimize your Super Flex experience. Brought to you by @DF_Network, #DFFArmy
Teaching spiritual awareness, one podcast at a time. Find me on podcasts!
In this day of watered down comedy Nick Di Paolo's brutally honest performances remind us of what great stand up should be - funny, socially relevant and a little bit reckless. His strong political opinions and razor wit make him a perfect fit for talk radio. He hosted his own shows on New York’s 92.3 Free FM, co-hosted “The Nick & Artie Show” and “The Nick Di Paolo Show” on SiriusXM. Catch Nick on “The Nick Di Paolo Show” now streaming LIVE M-Th 11:00am ET. He has performed on The Tonight S ...
Breathe, Love, Heal podcast reveals the secret to healing yourself with energy medicine. My podcast opens your world to new way of thinking about healing which you can do for yourself and your loved ones. No formal training required. Energy healing is the wave of the future. Get a head start on it with Carolyn Harrington's Breathe Love Heal Podcast.
Peter Smythe is a Full Gospel preacher and writer. He is the creator and primary voice behind Breath Magazine, an innovative print magazine that showcases the Full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. His writings, books, and Breath magazine may be seen on his website,
Common Sense Pregnancy, the podcast, is a breath of fresh air: accessible, authoritative, funny, reassuring and personal. It's chock-full of Jeanne's comprehensive, medically-sound advice and insights plus conversations with women, mothers and experts in pregnancy, parenting and the power to change the world. Women's health expert, labor nurse, feminist, mother of four, Fit columnist and author of Common Sense Pregnancy (Random House, 2015), Jeanne Faulkner has been at the beds ...
Life is better when you breathe!Welcome to The Breathing Edge, the podcast where we share tips, techniques, bio-hacks and interviews to help you achieve peak performance in all areas of your life.If you truly want to get the edge in life, you can find it right here at the breathing edge.
Welcome to this ongoing series of breathing and consciousness practices from Dennis Lewis, Most of the new podcasts will be under 20 minutes long, and are meant to offer simple, enjoyable daily practices and guided sittings for deeper relaxation and presence, as well as stories and parables that can help transform your perspective. Be sure to subscribe! And don’t forget to check out his previous podcasts. Support this podcast:
Brad Kearns covers health, fitness, peak performance, personal growth, relationships, happiness, and longevity. Slow down, take a deep breath, take a cold plunge, and get over the high-stress, tightly wound approach that often leads to disappointment and burnout. Kearns, a New York Times bestselling author, Speedgolf world record holder, and former #3 world-ranked professional triathlete, offers a diverse and sometimes spicy mix of shows: expert guest interviews, peak performance primers, an ...
Yoga Galactica
Live, follow along Yoga classes. Kundalini, Hatha, breath work, meditation, live music, sound healing, and other transmissions designed to optimize your human experience.
It’s a secret to everybody. | A podcast wherein David Geisler and Kate Fischer talk about all things that have to do with The Legend of Zelda. | @AnotherZeldaPod | Sixfive Media
In this day of watered down comedy Nick Di Paolo's brutally honest performances remind us of what great stand up should be - funny, socially relevant and a little bit reckless. His strong political opinions and razor wit make him a perfect fit for talk radio. He hosted his own shows on New York’s 92.3 Free FM, co-hosted “The Nick & Artie Show” and “The Nick Di Paolo Show” on SiriusXM. Catch Nick on “The Nick Di Paolo Show” now streaming LIVE M-Th 11:00am ET. He has performed on The Tonight S ...
Breathe Pictures is a podcast made for anyone interested in photography and film making. Interviews and documentary stories with photographers and cinematographers.
This is DEEP & HOUSE Music .Are you Ready ? Take a DEEP Breath ...Enjoy ...Follow Dj Mr olSon
Each week I explore big ideas through a psychedelic POV with a focus on cognitive liberty. My mission is to create a space for inspiring and unconventional conversations, that provoke interesting and unique explorations of deep thoughts and big ideas. If we want to make the world a better place, and I do, then We must look inward and improve ourselves first, but also recognize the external challenge as well. This show aims to bring those two together in a holistic style approach. The recent ...
LeVar Burton Reads
The best short fiction, handpicked by the world’s greatest storyteller. In every episode, host LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Roots, Star Trek) invites you to take a break from your daily life, and dive into a great story. LeVar’s narration blends with gorgeous soundscapes to bring stories by Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury and more to life. So, if you’re ready, let’s take a deep breath... Listen to ad-free episodes one week early, plus exclusive bonus episodes, on ...
Have you had a spiritual experience? Did you come face to face with death? Are you seeking spiritual awakening? Is your world turning upside down? Thank you for listening in on Heartfelt Awakening. We are all about aligning Body, Breath and Spirit. We love sharing topics from a Nature and spiritual perspective and sharing your transformational stories. You are not meant to stay limited, play the victim or go through life numb in a state of cognitive dissonance.You are meant to awaken to your ...
The Other 1%
Stories with Attitude.The Other 1% brings cutting-edge story-telling directly to your ears, wherever you happen to be. Smart, edgy, contemporary fiction, that defies convention.Breath-taking, powerful, epic: sometimes surprising; sometimes frightening; always challenging…… the Other 1%. Every Friday.
"This is the business we've chosen"
Under My Breath
Actor, Opera Singer, & Martial Artist Aaron Ferguson brings a comedic edge to uncensored, long form objective discussion.
Breathing Flames
Board game reviews, previews, guides, and interviews
Podcast by Ruach Breath of Life
Yoga teacher and writer J. Brown is leading the way in the Slow Yoga Revolution, advocating for more intimate, breath-centered, therapeutic yoga practices. J interviews guests from old-school yoga teachers to other yoga revolutionists about philosophy and the business of yoga.
A delicious Catholic-flavored podsnack. Three idiots talking about our faith, laughing, and prattling on about nothing. Pretty much never in that order. If you listen long enough, we MIGHT actually say something useful. (Holding breath not advised.)
Sensual ASMR recordings to help soothe and relax you. Lie back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and escape with me for a little while. Just you and me.....Ideal listening pleasure requires headphones as some of my recordings are whispered.
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show series
Would you recognize a miracle if you saw one?By Infinite Potential Media, LLC.
On our 30th episode we visit the cinema to watch 'Annabelle Comes Home', in our topic segment “Something to scream about” we talk about Kids in Horror and in this episodes “Movie from the vault” we take a listeners recommendation and watch Robert Englunds '976 Evil' 00:30 - Intro 01:30 - News 16:09 - 'Annabelle Comes Home'35:10 - Something to S ...…
A daily quote to inspire the mind, gratitude to warm the soul, and guided breathing to energize the body. Quote: Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. –Eleanor Roosevelt Gratitude: Bargain shopping Guided Breathing: Babies tiny fingernails Visit to share your unique piece of gratitude which will be ...…
Carly Klassen, 22 with cystic fibrosis from Boise, Idaho, joins the podcast to talk about her digital art platform More Than Sick. Carly's Insagram account @MoreThanSick has been charging through the cystic fibrosis virtual community and features digital sketches of different women fight back against CF! Carly talks about her motivation to star ...…
In this episode, Kathy and I have an enlightening discussion about the good, bad, and ugly aspects of light. Some of the topics covered will be: How light exposure and affect your appetite hormones and cause weight gain How sun exposure may lower your risk of cancer Why working at night may increase your risk for cancer. How new technology is r ...…
Happy Birthday to the BBPC EP - Dominic celebrates his birthday by getting a good buddy on the podcast to have a discussion over a few beers. 1.5 Million people have marked "attending" to a facebook event that could end in absolute disaster. Are old people the same as laptops? All of that and more on this Thirsty Thursday episode of the Beer Br ...…
Zen Master Bon Haeng, Mark Houghton, became a student of Zen Master Seung Sahn's in 1976 and was an early member of the Cambridge Zen Center where he lived for 14 years and was abbot for 12. He received inka, or permission to teach, in 1990. Zen Master Bon Haeng received transmission from Zen Master Seung Sahn in 2000. Today he is retired but c ...…
Lower Belly Breathing Part 2 This breathing exercise for your lower belly to relieve anxiety will be preceded by a short yoga pose to release your psoas. We will check in and notice how a yoga pose helps us to open up our lower belly. The first breathing exercise continues our exploration of lower belly breathing over the next several weeks. Th ...…
Critical Perspective: Sepsis signatures in the ICU with Dr. Anthony GordonBy American Thoracic Society.
Ian Edwards is one of comedy’s most successful writers working on shows ranging from SNL to Blackish and 2 Broke Girls. He has now released his first Comedy Central Special, “Ideas Not Worth Spreading.” He sits down with our host Joel Byars to talk about his unique format choice for his special along with all the comedy writing tips you can han ...…
Mindfulness is a growing trend in the health and wellbeing industry. Bringing your attention to experiences happening right in front of you is something that can be developed through meditation and breathing techniques as well as through other training like journalling. Its benefits are endless, especially for mental health. More and more peopl ...…
Welcome back to Catching Your Breath: The Podcast, with Steve Austin. This episode is a conversation Steve had with a coaching client, Amelia. In this episode, we'll ask the following questions: Is God actively, intimately involved in the details of your life?Can God be both all-powerful and all-loving (at the same time)? Show notes: Download t ...…
FOMO is the fear of missing out. How much do you struggle with this? Check out Velavida Candle Company. Get 20% off of all candles! Our handcrafted candles were made to help you relax and unwind after a long day. Go to and get a candle today!By Anthony Hester.
Christopher Dunham is a Canadian Operatic Baritone.By Aaron Ferguson.
We talk to the "talk of Orlando on how much work he put into his birthday party.
A Mind Map summary of chapter 2 of Reality Transurfing- what is it and how you can apply the universal laws to set yourself up for success. During this series we're going to be breaking down each chapter of Vadim Zeland's book - Reality Transurfing. It has been translated from Russian into English so it can be a little complicated to grasp all ...…
Last Friday, we streamed on Twitch and talked about our feelings and thoughts on SCR, as well as announcing our next game. This is part 2 of 2!By RtB Crew.
While he was teaching in a primary school in Sussex, Dad pioneered ways to use the tape recorder in the classroom. He wrote the seminal book on that subject, after winning first the British and then the World Amateur Recording Championships with two really special productions in 1958 and 1959 with his class of primary school children: Life in a ...…
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