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Born in DC and currently in Texas. Been a foodie most of my life! I am a Health, Nutrition, Fitness Coach & Author of Playbook for Couples.
Your Daily Fuel
On The Daily Fuel, Scott Burr shares Motivation, Inspiration, and the latest techniques to conquering your day. Train Smart! Fuel Right! Amazing Results!
Ladies Body Transformation Specialists based in Leicester. Check out our weekly podcasts for free tips on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.
Nant- Health and Wellness expert. Guiding others how to live in their natural state of Health, Happiness & Vitality.
You've got a tough choice to make and you feel stuck. Learn about the traps we fall into when making decisions (and how to avoid them), how to make better decisions (in both your personal and business life), and get your decision questions answered. Let us help you make the best choice possible!
Everyday Folks Radio celebrates America's ordinary yet extraordinary people. Weekly shows are hosted by EVERYDAY FOLKS books author Billy Jones and other great personalities.
motivation, inspiration, health, nutrition, success
LionHeart Radio
Fitness, adventure and lifestyle development. LionHeart Radio is your active lifestyle HQ with shows airing Monday through Friday.
Off The Grid
Random thoughts, observations and anecdotes from Strength and Conditioning, fitness , Nutrition and much, much more.
Stephen Hawking once said that intelligence is the ability to adapt to change... so let’s adapt. Hosted by author and entrepreneur, Steve Glaveski, Future Squared brings you conversations with preeminent thought leaders from myriad disciplines such as startups and entrepreneurship, technology, corporate innovation, psychology, philosophy, economics, politics, biology, human performance and productivity, motivation and self development, management and leadership, health and fitness and more t ...
Cut The Fat Podcast is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals using science-based tactics and strategies. It's our mission to help people navigate the often times complex and conflicting information surrounding fitness, weight loss, and health. Besides helping people to achieve their weight-loss goals we also want to help people achieve that goal without having to resort to guilt as a mechanism for motivating yourself to achieve it. In addition, it's not enough that we just ...
Get Happy With J
The Official Podcast of
Do it Dad
This podcast is a discussion about the personal happiness and fulfilment of committed fathers during challenging periods of fatherhood. Its aim is to help fathers specifically in and around London to rekindle the once beloved activities and aspirations that many may have either consciously or unconsciously put on hold or even let go of altogether on entering into the life changing world of fatherhood.
Suave Lover
Suave Lover International is the premiere dating consulting service. Hosts, Benjamin Ritter and James Amourex have worked with hundreds of people towards more satisfying and successful dating and relationships. Email questions or comments to
The Podcast That Connects Your Brain to Your Brawn
Health and fitness pros are among the most passionate change-makers. The only problem? They often struggle with turning their passion into a legitimate career. In this show we talk about what it means to become more than a personal trainer, strength coach, or nutritionist. We share strategies for becoming an elite, complete professional.
Welcome to the strive for strength podcast. Where we take personal development to the next level. You'll find al thing to help motivate you in health and wealth. Listen to the stories of incredible people as they turn there struggles into strength
The Model Health Show is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening look at health and fitness. No subject is off limits here! World-renown author and nutritionist Shawn Stevenson breaks down complex health issues and makes them easy to understand and overcome. Whether it's weight loss, chronic fatigue, heart disease, diet, exercise, sex, hormones, sleep problems, or countless other health topics, the insights you get here will help you transform your health and live your best life ever.
Tina Muir, Running4Real | Motivation | Leadership | Confidence | Balance
Chris G. has been in the Music Business since 2006 as a concert promoter, artist manager, and booking agent. “Making It” is not about being on top of the charts, winning mainstream awards, or having millions of social media followers. Though those things are nice, that’s a very small percentage of the industry. “Making It” is about having conversations with people that do what they love full time, instead of being stuck with a career they hate. Throughout his journey, Chris has met many insp ...
We're three sisters who joined Weight Watchers and are finding success. Join us on our journey while we chat about the highs and lows.
Beards-N-Barbells podcast is a lifestyle podcast made with the idea that god gave you 1 body, 1 mind, and 1 heart and that we should use them to their full potential and be thankful for the ability to do so . Offering advice on how to not only be strong physically and what to do to get there, but how to carry yourself with pride in a world that seems to have none. No bull just honest opinions and open minds.
A podcast about seeking fulfillment and finding your bliss. Each week we will interview some of the world’s most interesting people, who are leading lives filled with positivity and happiness. Check us out!
Talk To Me Gym
The fitness podcast seems advice too!
PhysioChains Education CEO/Founder, Karl Sterling is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality information and education through his podcast and live workshops. He is a NASM certified master trainer based in New York specializing in working with clients with Parkinson's Disease. Karl has worked with leading researchers in this field including Dr. Lisa Muratori of Stony Brook University, Dr. Xuemei Huang of Hershey Penn State University and Dr. Wendy Suzuki of New York University in devel ...
A No nonsense approach to weight loss hosted by Dave Jackson a regular person like you trying to lose weight. He shares what is and isn't working for him, inspirational stories, and weight loss gadgets. Presented in a fun and entertaining style.
Jason Bryant, Mat Talk Podcast Network
Choose to Rise (2017-12-01T21:29:53.000Z)
Health&Fitness/Buisness/Motivation/Sport Chat
Welcome to the Jordan Weber 🌅Fitness and Health Podcast where we explore the future of fitness and health through voice training, adapted fitness, online programming and virtual training.
What’s up Speedsters! Welcome to my podcast for the community. Get your weekly dosage of motivation about life, fitness and mental health!
Mark Divine is the founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind and the host of the Unbeatable Mind podcast. Mark is a Retired Navy SEAL Commander, NYT Best Selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. The podcast deals with a wide variety of subjects, from philosophical, emotional and meta-physical to self defense, fitness and elite physical performance. They all form a part of Mark's 5 mountain training path to develop your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, and Kokoro (Heart) self. Find out m ...
The Safety Matters Podcast (SMP) discusses the challenges facing the world today. Based on "lived experiences" and interviews, we discuss HEALTH, FITNESS, WELL-BEING, SAFETY@WORK, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT.
Our Goal’s to Help Change the World by Helping YOU to Shine Bright! Now one of the top self-help & spirituality shows in 174 countries w/a new inspirational, motivational, spiritual, law of attraction or health-oriented guest DAILY! Plus guided meditations! After overcoming 2 near-death accidents, Host Michael Sandler felt a calling to start a life-changing show to help you live the life of your dreams! Guests Include John Gray, Bob Proctor, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Anthon ...
SBS Radio - Fitness that takes itself (not so) seriously. We interview awesome people, geek out over science, and tackle real-world fitness issues with our... "unique" sense of humour. Warning - please do not listen whilst operating heavy machinery or if you have anything electronic in front of you that could be damaged by you laugh-snorting your protein shake over it.
Mario Ashley
Podcast by Mario Ashley
Agile Fitness Labs
Podcast by You Get One Body & One Life Make it The Best It Can Be
International yoga leader and creator of the LYT Method, Lara Heimann, investigates the modern evolution of yoga from her background as a Physical Therapist and neurodevelopmental treatment specialist. She passionately explores the core values of her groundbreaking yoga method: smarter movement patterns, kindness to ourselves and others, compassion for all beings, finding the best way through inquiry, the courage to change, discipline to grow, and taking a stand for what we believe in.
The Startup Addict
Weekly+ founder Nick Swinmurn breaks down entrepreneurship like never before in this new podcast brought to you from the Fated Brands studios in Burlingame California
Hayden Hayder
Self Development, Mindset, Motivation, Inspiration, Success, Business & Entrepreneurship
Compromise is treason. Bring back the Monarchy.
Future Skills
The podcast that gives you the business and career skills you need to future-proof yourself. Hosted by Mikael Syding, partner at Futuris, The European Hedge Fund Of The Decade, and Ludvig Sunstrom, author of Breaking Out Of Homeostasis We do 3 episodes: 1) short episode: focus on one big idea. 2) long episode: in-depth discussions with scientists, businessmen and public intellectuals. 3) medium episode: Experts share their best ideas and how they use them to build skills, companies, teams, m ...
Crystal O'Connor is the creator of 'Moxie Entrepreneur', programs like High Ticket Mastery and author of Unleash Your Moxie. Crystal teaches women and small business owners all over the world how to create 6 & 7 figure incomes by getting raw & Moxie in business.
History has shown that those who are in the trenches are the ones who win battles. And in the battle against unseen economic forces, it is the entrepreneur who is in the trenches waging war against fear, uncertainty and mediocrity. Every battle has heroes. Entrepreneurs are every day heroes. These are their stories.Tune in to listen as Dino Herbert interviews the unsung heroes of economic recovery and success! These entrepreneurs may not have household names, but they are making an impact ne ...
Nathan Bancroft
⠀⠀⠀Online Fat Loss Coach. ⠀⠀⠀Nutrition, behaviour change, fitness.
Strength and Conditioning Coach Brian Keane talks everything nutrition, training and supplements for GAA players.
Jocko Podcast
Leadership and Discipline
Life Begins When You Stop Chasing Skinny
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PAPC40: The Open Room with Rob Waltko @Rob_SwagginU and Joe Youngblood @CoachYBee recap the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational and reveal who won the pick em' contest. They welcome on Pitt Panther and CKLV Finalist Micky Phillippi to talk about his progression and growing up competing against Luke Pletcher. The pair looks ahead to Arizona State ...…
Gratitude The M&M Way-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Jon Bruney to the broadcast. Jon is a Strongman, Author, Motivational Speaker, Pastor and a former Writer for the discontinued Milo Magazine. Once again M&M along with Eric and John give you another very thought provoking thinki ...…
In today's episode of Morning Coffee, Rick Alexander discusses the need to protect your energy and why it is so important to doing your best work in life. For more info about the show and the different programs we offer, click here.
If you’ve ever wanted more peace, happiness, and prosperity in your life then do we have the Mantras Made Easy show for you! Today I’ll be speaking with Sherianna Boyle, adjunct psychology professor, seasoned yoga instructor, energy practitioner and the author of six books, including a new blissful favorite of mine I want to share with the worl ...…
The 40th edition of the Midwest Classic is coming to the University of Indianapolis on December 15-16, 2018 and with that comes a host of relevance and history in the world of Division II wrestling.On Episode 483 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, I visit with head wrestling coach Jason Warthan and Jackie Paquette of UIndy to talk about the p ...…
Marie has such an amazing story and fitness journey. From a volleyball play, to NPC national bikini competitor, Marie has accomplished some incredible things,unfortunatley they came with some repercussions for her health. Listen as marie shares her post show experience, and what she does to fight her auto immune disease- Hashimotos - and rebala ...…
Today I have a very special guest joining me on the podcast! He is an actor, activist, educator, parent, and an amazing partner: my husband, Mark Heimann. I’m thrilled to have Mark on the podcast, and have him answer questions that you all sent in. We talk about how we met, our conscious yoga practice, Mark’s journey to getting his Master’s in ...…
In today's show we talk about the character traits that you need to embody in order to live the life that you are after.
Mostly business data
Alternate headline: "How You Can Own a Little Robot Butler, Like Rocky in 1984" We delve into Mikael's strong interest for robotics and automation. Mikael makes a strong case for why robotics will be "the new auto industry", with lots of other industries converging into one massive industry. And how YOU can position yourself to get in early, wo ...…
If you’ve wanted a guiding voice in your life, then do we have the Personal Guidance System, show for you! Today I’ll be talking with award-winning Australian filmmaker, documentarian and author Bill Bennett about a powerful new movie, one that’s perhaps even more important than the secret, PGS: Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System. And t ...…
Stevie Shanks-Shanks Lift, What Do You Got-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Strongman, Stone Lifter, Musician and the Son of Legendary Stone Lifter Jack Shanks Welcomes Stevie Shanks to the Broadcast. As Motivation and Muscle Radio Grows into an ever-evolving World Force our Brother ...…
This podcast episode is extra special to me because I had the chance to speak with another mother who has lost a child. She lost her beautiful son four years ago in an accident. Since suffering her tragic loss, she has worked hard to overcome her grief. She is living an amazing and full life. Her photo should be beside the definition of superwo ...…
My dad told me I suffered from delusions of grandeur so I’ll put that on my Wikipedia page. Back yo shit up
Hayden Hayder discusses how obstacles, adversity and even failures don’t mark the end of the road, simply a bend in the road. Perseverance is the key ingredient towards succeeding.
Ohio State NCAA champion and four-time All-American Nathan Tomasello goes On The MatNathan Tomasello was an NCAA champion and a four-time All-American at Ohio State. He's heading to compete at The Midlands this year, too. He joins On The Mat to talk about his run in college and what's next for him in his international career.Show Segments0:50 - ...…
Ari Meisel is an entrepreneur, author, CEO, TED speaker, real estate developer, green building consultant, and productivity expert. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease while building his prpoerty development business in 2007. Crohn's is an incurable disease of the diges ...…
He packed more wrestling success into five years than most athletes manage in a lifetime of competition. Keith Young spent the next three decades returning those rewards to the sport with full interest.His Algona High School team didn't offer wrestling until his senior year, and when he joined the University of Northern Iowa you'd hardly expect ...…
I reached out on my social media platforms and asked all of you what you’d like to hear, and the response was great! So many of you had questions for me, so in today’s episode, I’m going to answer them. I want to help as many people as I can, so I’m honored to be able to answer what I can with the best of my knowledge. To learn more, visit: htt ...…
The Joy of Being a Vulnerable Runner There are a handful of emotions and needs that all people have in common. We tend to seek out love, joy, safety and success while attempting to avoid embarrassment, pain, sorrow, and defeat. Often times the things we crave can only come by way of sacrifice. Mastering a new language doesn’t come without hundr ...…
Today we talk with Nick Maier, coach and founder of the Youth Academy. The Youth Academy is Australia's only youth development facility with the goal to guide and empower the youth to reach their goals. In today's episode, Rick and Nick talk about the importance of developing people from a holistic approach and why that is so badly needed with ...…
Full length episode only on Apple Podcasts
If you’ve ever wanted achieve BIG things, but had no idea where to begin, then do we have the mind-bending, mind-boggling, 1000 steps, show for you! Today we’ll talk about stumbling forward, finding your way, and taking 1000 little steps on your journey. That plus we’ll talk about our journey to baby-hood, the power of the shmorgasborg, running ...…
Celebrating 300 episodes of Future Squared with a simple reminder of why we 'grind'. ---
Coach Tony Robie joins Episode 74 of Inside Virginia Tech Wrestling as he recaps the first two duals of the season and the Hokies somewhat disappointing 11th-place finish at the Clff Keen Las Vegas Invitational this past weekend.We will recap the event weight-by-weight and preview the upcoming HOKIEMANIA dual against Princeton on December 7 at ...…
Today's episode is full of tips to help you survive the festive season and hold off the weight gain. I'll be talking about how I do it, and giving you a whole bunch of survival hacks to help you come out of Christmas feeling great.
In today's show we discuss some of the ways in which we influence our actions with what we accept.
'Twas a few weeks before Christmas when all through No Meat Athlete, Matt and Doug were up giggling, 'til the vegan cooking was complete. Ok, enough of that... Each year this ends up being one of my favorite episodes to record -- our big vegan holiday extravaganza, where we share the official unofficial NMA gift list, our goals and focuses for ...…
Welcome back to Future Squared for a special mid-week double trouble episode, as I bring you not one, but two guests. Joe Fier is a creative who came to the table with a video editing turned outsourcing business. He’s damn good at creating custom marketing roadmaps to skyrocket client sales results. Matt Wolfe is a systems and tech optimization ...…
Welcome back to the world of wrestling Richard Immel. That's right, the man himself, Captain Burundi will be a guest on Short Time where we talk about what he's been doing since leaving USA Wrestling, his foray into photography and the world of wrestling, ranging from AWL, attendance in wrestling, things in Vegas, Final X and how no one cares a ...…
Old Dominion head wrestling coach Steve Martin breaks down the loss to NC State on Friday and prepares for an upcoming battle with former pupil Matt Storniolo as the Monarchs head to Evanston, Illinois to take on Northwestern on December 7.All that and some anecdotes from Coach Martin on how he still hassles high school officials on the latest ...…
If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning of existence, where we come from, or what this reality is anyway, then do we have the You Are the Universe show for you. Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Professor Menas Kafatos, who is the fletcher jones chair professor of computational physics at chapman university, and is an amazing author, and co-auth ...…
Alex Steen and David Mirikitani recap AWL I, the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational, a wild dual between Iowa and Iowa State and more during this week's episode of Weighing In.SUBSCRIBE TO THE TRACKWRESTLING PODCASTApple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Spreaker | Google Play Music | RSS
Did you know 90% of the human race will have one event in life where they will face adversity? Hear about how to deal with it and how I’ve been dealing with adversity and being resilient.
Me and my social media BFF Chael Sonnen talk about him starting and progressing in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts as well as the marketing of amateur and olympic wrestling in the USA and Internationally.
The Debate in PE: Competitive Sports vs Cooperative Activities In Physical Education
Mean Streets of New York-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Dr. William Wong to the show? Dr. Wong is a Classical Naturopath, a Ph.D. Exercise Physiologist, Certified Athletic Trainer (AATA), Certified Sports Medicine Trainer (ASMA), World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame member and World ...… I’ve lived in Pittsburgh, PA my entire life and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I feel like I had a typical average childhood, and playing sports was a big part of my youth. I played baseball and football growing up until I got to high school (my size was a big disadvantage), but the sport I loved the most ...…
Today’s topic is all about the wrists. I tend to hear a lot of complaints about the wrist in yoga, though I’m sure it’s across the board. Wrists are actually in the top 5 of complaints and injuries in yoga practice! We are using our hands in repetitive motions (think: cell phones) a lot more than we have in the past, so I thought it would be a ...…
In today's show we talk about how to help those around you.
This is our final Show 5 out of 5, in which Scott and I discuss "Refocus" for Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS). What's the future? In a previous article, Professor Scott Geller shared with us his 10 Myths About Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS). In that article, I mentioned that during the month of October 2018, I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott ...…
In this solo episode, Mark takes questions from the Unbeatable Mind tribe. Hear how you need to deal with and protect yourself from the negativity of a significant other and how to work on maintaining passion and focus for your end-game. Many of us can start things well, but need help with making sure we are able to finish them. Learn about: Th ...…
PAW16: PA Power Wrestling's Greg Warnock @GWarnock24 and Jeff Upson @PAPowerWrestle return for Season #2 of WarUp on The WPIAL Podcast as they preview the season ahead for wrestling in the western half of Pennsylvania. The duo recaps WPIAL results from both the Super 32 and The Surge pre-season tournaments in addition to a chat with 2-time Penn ...…
If you’ve ever wanted more happiness, and inner strength, then do we have the Resilient show for you. Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Rick Hanson, neuropsychologist, brain expert, and the best-selling author of Hardwiring Happiness, Just One Thing, the Buddha’s Brain, and an absolutely brilliant must-read of a book Resilient. And that’s just wha ...…
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