How To Find Your Perfect Strategic Alliance Partners


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In part 5 of my mini series on Strategic Alliances, I'm going to show you a simple way to make a list of your perfect Strategic Alliance partners, and give you a few real life examples at the end to help you visualise doing this for yourself.

The first step is to define the types of partners you would like to have in your “crew”.

You’re going to want to create an initial list of 20-30 non-competing business types. These are your potential partners and referral sources.

Think about the types of non-competing businesses that sell or provide services or products to your ideal clients, either before they need your service, instead of your services or after they have used your services.

What do they do? What services do they offer?

A Few Examples

Let's say you’re a mortgage broker specialising in first time mortgages.

It doesn’t make sense to pair up with another mortgage broker, but it makes a lot of sense to look for successful estate agents who might be willing to partner with you to share clients. Any first time buyers that enquire, or they help to have an offer accepted are going to need help with mortgages.

But as you’re a mortgage broker who specialises in first time buyers, you’re not going to be a competitor to another broker who specializes in, say, mortgages for self employed contractors.

So you could partner with those too, even though you may at first glance consider yourself in competition with each other.

Another example is if you are a Financial Advisor you could look to partner with an Accountant or Divorce Solicitor.

They are in a prime position to know when their clients need an advisor, and you are in an ideal position to know when your clients may need their services.

Or if you sell to small businesses, then you could develop partnerships with other businesses that work with small business owners.

Think banks, accountants, insurance brokers, solicitors, printers, graphic designers, web designers, software companies, IT consultants, leadership trainers, HR trainers, sales trainers…

Hopefully you’re starting to see the size of the opportunity with this!

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