#111: How to Maintain Your Edge When Training Solo (2:00, #14)


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We're diving back into your questions this week, including my thoughts on four-day workweeks, how to judge a gym from afar, and how I prioritize what I focus on every day.

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Questions Answered:

01:45 - How can someone keep "chasing excellence" in an environment that doesn't encourage that attitude & behavior? Is it possible to become excellent in an environment that doesn't support you through it?

02:50 - I’m currently considering taking one more day off of my work week for a 4 day work week. Is it worth the chance of financial stress to have more freedom during the week?

04:55 - My wife and I just had our second child. Due to my work schedule, I train at 0530am. Obviously, sleep is very interrupted at this point. Would you recommend altering my training or just scaling the workouts/volume since sleep is so important?

07:20 - Is it better to focus on being more mobile and substitute movements like the thruster or clean until my front rack, t-spine, and ankle mobility improves, or should those barbell movements still be performed alongside doing mobility?

10:00 - I’ve just gone through breast surgery and can’t train for 2-3 months. This has proved to be a huge challenge for me as an athlete, mentally. What’s your best advice for someone who can’t sit still and watch all their progress go away after surgery?

13:20 - I’m lucky to be a member of an amazing CrossFit gym. Sometimes, friends and family who live far away are interested in starting CrossFit. Do you have any advice on how to assess a CrossFit gym without being able to actually go to it?

16:00 - As a gym owner, where do you stand on paying for professional photography of your members on a regular basis?

19:10 - How do I get back into the CrossFit mindset when working out at home?

22:05 - As an athlete who’s goal is to compete in competitions in the Rx division, how much should I be practicing the things I suck at and how much should I be following the programming at the gym?

25:40 - What should someone do when they have applicable strength and power but lack proper motor recruitment? I have a 600# DL, 550# BS, but my best clean is 330# (and that’s a miracle if I can hit that). I even have an amazing coach, previous OTC and Olympic education center coach for weightlifting but progress in that is still underwhelming - especially compared to everything else.

29:15 - Been coaching for a while and an established CrossFit gym is for sale. I am thinking of taking it over. What are the things I should look at?

32:20 - How do you make decisions & prioritize throughout the day, given all the responsibilities you have?

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