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Empowered Nutrition helps busy women take control of their metabolic, hormonal, and digestive health. Registered Dietitian and board-certified Integrative and Functional Nutritionist Erin Skinner dishes on the most effective and accurate ways to leverage nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits to achieve optimal wellness (when time is limited). Erin uses an integrative and functional approach to address the root causes of chronic conditions that women experience the most. She specializes in combining intermittent fasting with ketogenic and paleo diets for weight loss, insulin resistance, diabetes, and PCOS. She is also an expert at using the low FODMAP diet with gut healing approaches to reverse IBS and other digestive problems. Erin is the author of the Bone Broth Miracle Diet, is a long-time science writer for Paleo Magazine, and hosts a private practice at www.erinskinner.com . She’s also a military, spouse, mom of 3 young boys, and trying (but often failing) to keep it all together. ;)

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