21. Searching for Optimal Health with Dr. Sean O'Mara


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Dr. Sean O'Mara was an Emergency Medicine trained M.D. who found himself getting fatter and sicker following the standard dietary recommendations. He was pre-diabetic, hypertensive, had an enlarged prostate, arterial blockage, acid reflux, arthritis, eczema

In his search for a healthier lifestyle, he found the Paleo diet which eventually led him to the Ketogenic diet.

His new lifestyle freed him of his health conditions within 1 year. This set him on a new career path of preventative medicine and a search for optimal health.


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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Meet Dr. Sean
  • The many, many benefits of a high fat/low carb diet
  • Potential time frames to see health changes with a low carb diet
  • Amplification: Applying exercise and nutrition for
  • As we get older, we should be getting better
  • Visceral fat correlating with mental acuity
  • Improved profusion with lower visceral fat

Action steps to reduce visceral fat

  1. Stop eating processed foods
  2. Eliminate carbohydrates (ketogenic/ carnivorous type diet)
  3. Fasting
  4. High-intensity workouts
  5. Get outdoors for fresh air/ sun
  6. Microbiome optimization

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