37. From Anorexic To Top Female Ultra Runner with Michelle Hurn R.D.


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Today, we welcome Michelle Hurn RD and ultra-distance runner, to Hunger Hunt Feast!

Treated with severe anorexia at 12 years old and given a 10% chance of survival by her doctor, she started running cross country as a teenager and began following a vegetarian diet to run faster and be thinner.

Shortly after, she developed osteopenia and had stress fractures in her hip at 18 years old. Desperate for a better life, she added some meat back into her diet and ran cross country in college until she had another stress fracture in her hip which ended her college running career.

After college, she became a Registered Dietician and struggled with advising patients by the dietary guidelines she knew were causing the health problems.

After many years, Michelle decided to go back to her love of running and started competing in marathons and ultra-marathon as an adult. This is what brought her switch to a more meat driven diet and life style, her results will blow you away.


Recommends starting with a goal of eating at least 1 pound of animal protein per day. Prioritize protein and add other foods as needed.

See what she eats in a day: https://youtu.be/5PeDZU4nNfE

IG: @runeatmeatrepeat Twitter: @MichelleHurnRD Book coming in early 2021: "The Dietician's Dilemma"

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  • Meet Michelle Hurn
  • Michelle personal journey from health to injuries
  • The effects of a vegetarian diet on bone strength
  • Nutrition in medicine
  • Nutritional guidelines and moderation
  • How the body regulates carbohydrates
  • Michelle on losing her health and regaining it again
  • Michelle on the carnivore diet and it’s potential health benefits
  • Taking back the health culture of the nation and the less known side of the health system
  • The importance of animals and our planet’s ecosystem
  • Nobody is too far gone
  • Mental health and nutrition
  • Michelle’s action steps to being metabolically healthier

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