Jeff Hardy - Conquering Your Demons


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This week on “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia,” Lilian sits down with WWE Superstar, The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy. In this episode, Jeff opens up to the audience like you’ve never heard before. Jeff talks about the emotions that he felt when he returned to the WWE after being away for nearly 8 years and his Wrestlemania moment being his favorite moment of his career. Jeff also divulges the listeners all about his early memories of watching wrestling alongside his older brother Matt. Jeff lets us in on an emotional journey as he discusses losing his mom at the age of 9 to brain cancer and how his father would serve as both parents. He also goes into detail about his addiction to pain pills as well as his DUI arrest in March of 2018 and why he vows to never get arrested ever again. You’ll hear all about Jeff love’s for music and what motivates him to be creative. And find out what Jeff’s goal in the WWE is after winning every major championship that WWE has to offer. It’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Jeff Hardy!
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