Episode 8 - Black Panther


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Once again the ladies of SIHCA Podcast get to have popcorn for breakfast! Back to the #Arclight to see the highly anticipated (even by them) #BlackPanther

We've also got some Podcast crashers!


Plot summarizing is hard guys.

Stand up and applaud the cast of Black Panther

#ChadwickBoseman #MichaelBJordan #LupitaNyongo #DanaiGurira #MartinFreeman #DanielKaluuya #LetitiaWright #WinstonDuke #SterlingKBrown #AngelaBassett #ForestWhitaker #AndySerkis

Not a lot of questions this week, just a lot of praise.

We don't want to know what we don't know.

But we do want to know - 20 years later, how's side are you on - Ross or Rachel?

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