The Fit Bottomed Girls Ep 132: Sarah Knight "Calm the Fuck Down!"


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Podcast Episode 132: Sarah Knight “Calm the Fuck Down”

We are living in very anxious times from the current political climate to the predictions about the consequences of global warming--how can any of us really not succumb to stress every once in a while? New York Times best-selling author Sarah Knight talks about how to just that with her book “Calm the Fuck Down: How to Control What You Can and Accept What You can’t So You Can Stop Freaking Out About Your Life.”


By breaking down the different “phases of freaking out” and offering strategies to avoid potential meltdowns--Knight offers plenty of practical tips and solutions to bring more calmness into your life. And really, who wouldn't benefit from a little more of that?

Our Favorite Quotes from Sarah:

“It’s all about giving fewer fucks of what you don’t want and what you can’t control, and giving more fucks to do what you want and can control”

“We’re programmed to feel like we’re near the center of the universe and, like, saying “no” will really hurt someone. But that’s not the case”

Podcast Episode 132 Highlights With Sarah Knight:

  • The most important question you can ask yourself when it comes to anxiety and worry
  • How to use the “Sarah Knight Shitstorm Scale” and check the likelihood if ‘what if’ comes to pass
  • One simple and concrete way to stop people-pleasing
  • Why many of us are so scared to say ‘no” and set boundaries
  • The difference between being productive and helpful worrying and non-productive worrying
  • The importance of “mental decluttering
  • The “what/why” method and how it can change your life
  • How people/media in different countries respond to her frequent use of curse words
  • Plus. FBG’s offer a “cursing disclaimer” and how it is for us to say no. Also, why we hate being told to “calm the fuck down!”.

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What helps you to calm the fuck down? ---Margo

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