The Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast Ep 136 Lisa Canning "The Possiblity Mom"


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Podcast Episode 136: Lisa Canning (HGTV star, lifestyle expert & mother of 8!)

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. Well, the FBGs can’t think of anyone busier than interior designer and lifestyle expert Lisa Canning (she’s a friend of the Property Brothers--woot!) who also happens to be the other of eight kids. (Actually it was seven at the time of the interview. Like we said, she likes to be busy!)

Lisa talks about her book “The Possibility Mom: How to be a Great Mom and Pursue Your Dream at the Same Time” with her best advice for how to reclaim more “me time” and achieve your goals while remaining sane. Who couldn’t use that advice?

Connect with Lisa Canning on social media on Twitter @Lisa_Canning & on Instagram @LisaCanning

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