The Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast Ep 137: "That's a Wrap!"


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Podcast Episode 137: The FBGs Say Goodbye!

We're back -- with the final episode of our podcast! And, as you might expect, in this ep we're talking about life in quarantine and how we are coping (because is it even possible to have a conversation right now that doesn't include that?). How have you guys been holding up? Got any tips that might help others?

Yes, it’s true we are saying goodbye to podcasting with a heavy heart -- but also with so much pride! There are 136 episodes in our library, and we've got interviews with the best people in food, health, nutrition, exercise, meditation, running, cycling, beauty, travel, personal growth, spirituality, dance, and more.

It was a total blast and we are so grateful to our listeners from all over the globe. You were the reason we kept going these last four years and we are so honored to be a part of your personal health and wellness journeys.

And while we have a few eps that stand out to us (and that we're leaning on #InTheseTimes), we want to hear from you. Have you found any of our past interviews to be especially helpful? Which ones would you recommend people listen to for the first time (or again)?

Although we won’t be doing new episodes (sniff), it’s not like we’re disappearing from the world. Actually, we’re all up to new exciting things. Have a listen and be sure to write down all of our socials so we can stay in touch!

Highlights from Episode 137:

Now, before we call this a wrap, we have one question for you: What's the last song you listened to before you joined us today? --Margo

Goodbye & Good Luck from the FBGs!

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