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Energy compensation and adiposity in humans

1. High Ferritin Levels and Resistance Training [11:44]

Keith says:

So I am a 48 YO male. 5-11 200 15-16 bf I follow a higher red meat diet 180-200g of protien and 80-100 g of fat a then 80-100g unprocessed carbs.

I had some blood work done and my ferritin came back 803. Which is concerning

My iron was 98 TIBC 286 and transferrin saturation is 34. Hemoglobin 12.9 and hematocrit is 38.4.

My PA thinks I have anemia. I have no symptoms of fatigue but she is referring me to a hematologist.

Would heavy resistance training have any affect on ferritin levels? searching the innerwebs I saw a few mentions of inflammation from heavy resistance training causing elevated levels and one should take 48-72 off from heavy training before blood tests.

Any thoughts on resting then retesting my ferritin?

2. Electrolytes Before or After Workout? [14:15]

David says:

Dear Robb,

I'm writing from hot, humid Singapore. I'm 54 years old and work out in the cooler early mornings before work. 60-75 min workouts of running, sprinting and/or bodyweight workouts.

I'm a big fan of LMNT Citrus Salt and find that I perform and recover better using it. My normal routine is to drink one stick immediately upon waking, then get after it.

I always end my workouts drenched in sweat. Is it better to wait until after my workout to replace my lost electrolytes? I would consume one before/one after - except that importing LMNT into Singapore is expensive!

I appreciate any insight, Robb. I love your work, dude.



LMNT Homebrew Guide

3. Post Covid Hair Loss & Food Aversions [16:46]

Shannon says:

Hello Rob & Nikki! I had covid at the beginning of April 2021. I had a very easy time with it, likely thanks to 10 years of being careful about my diet & taking a preventative approach to my health (thanks to info from you guys & many others in the paleo/keto space). I had a slight fever on & off for about 10 days, a migraine (which isn’t uncommon for me), & fatigue. My appetite was suppressed for many days & when it came back I wasn’t craving the foods I should be eating. In fact, my favorite foods which are steaks & beef, still aren’t as appealing as they used to be. Meat in general, I am not craving but I do make myself eat it. I take quality supplements, that contain zinc. Do you have another suggestions for how to repair my taste buds? I also have started to lose some hair. Apparently this is common 3-4 months after covid. I am praying it stops soon. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Your work has definitely helped me get through the “pandemic” & I rock my HRR t shirt on many of my walks! Thanks for all you do!


4. How To Get Young Kids To Try New Foods [23:58]

Scott says:


I've been following you for years, since about 2009. The amount of knowledge you have is impressive and I never get tired of listening to you, although i do miss the good ole days with Greg Everett. I never adopted the paleo diet because I have never had any health issues but I am now looking for some advice. My 4 year son is showing asthma like symptoms and I think it is due to his diet. We have tried to get him to eat healthier but he always gags when he tries something new. Do you have any book suggestions or advice for me to help my son eat new foods? I understand you're a busy guy so I don't expect a response. I just had to ask you because I really value your opinion/experience. Thanks for all you do.


5. Methane Mitigation [30:17]

Nicholas says:

Dear Robb Wolf,

I recently read Sacred Cow and found it absolutely brilliant. I am trying to deepen my understanding of regenerative agricultural practises with a view to one day starting my own farm.

I have a question regarding cattle feed additives for methane mitigation.

On a recent MeatRx podcast, Shawn Baker asked Dr. Frank Mitloehner about his work on feed additives and whether they are required in regenerative systems.

Dr. Mitloehner says “grazing animals are currently the greatest challenge with respect to enteric methane because they are not as accessible. […] Some thoughts are to include some active ingredients into the salt lick or into the water that the animals drink. Vaccination is another possibility.”

Here is a link to his full answer:

Do you agree with Dr. Mitloehner that these kinds of additives are necessary? I was under the impression (from your work and his) that enteric methane was not something to worry about when animals are well managed in concert with the surround ecosystem. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the issue.

Thank you so much in advance for your time!

Kind regards,

Nicholas Harley

P.S. Sacred Cow has changed my life and the lives of many of my friends and family. Thank you!

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