Activating our Sacred Sensuality and Calling Back Life Force Energy with Mia Kafkios


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This beautiful soul share with energy therapist, channeller and spiritual coach, Mia Kafkios is an activation for fully embodying who you are and why you are here, activating sacred sensuality, calling back life force energy and connecting with the frequency of joy. We connect on: - Grounding and Going Deep thru all dimensions - Dealing with anxiety and negative energy - Awakening Your Divine Feminine + Masculine Energy - Calling back our Life force currency - Activating our sacred sensuality Mia Kafkios For over 27 years, Mia has been working with assisting souls to step into their highest potential through different techniques as a energy therapist, trance channeler, business mentor, and healer. Her mission is to assist lightworkers in accessing their gifts, unlocking their life purpose, and embodying their highest potential.

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