2 Years: Looking Back at How We've Grown


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In this reflective episode, your grateful hosts Will and Nick sit down to discuss all the transformations that have occurred since the beginning of the podcast.

Together we have interviewed so many fabulous people and expanded our knowledge of so many topics. Its a shock to think that it's been two years since these episodes have been shared on iTunes, but the reward for sticking with the process this long is certainly proving to be invaluable.

One of the greatest overarching themes we wanted to share with our listeners today is the action steps that have been shared with us over and over again. That starting something that will allow you to be creative or support your passion is a MUST - especially if it's not perfect at first. That common traits across great health care providers do exist, and what are they exactly? That learning never stops and the people you share that journey with are just as important as the destination.

Cheers and much love for the guests, the audience and supporters, and the mentors that have helped us learn as much as we have. The lessons and stories will always keep us hungry.

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