#MM09 - Q&A Mondays with Moshe Lang: Sexual Abuse, and Depressed Therapist


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This is Episode 9 of the Q and A series with psychologist Moshe Lang. Moshe is one of Australia’s best known family therapists, a renowned author and teacher. He has been practicing psychotherapy for over 52 years and is insatiably curious, and wonderfully wise.

This weeks questions are WAWID listeners are:

  • What should a psychologist do if they experiencing issues (e.g. depression) that they speak to their clients about? If the self-implemented strategies that would be employed by a possible treating psychologist have not helped, what then? Pete (Australia)
  • Moshe, have you seen many adult survivors of family csa (sexual abuse) disclose this to their family and if so what have you seen unfold. What do you advise those victims to do if they have always wanted to tell someone who they love. There may be implications and consequences. Any advice would be most appreciated. Jane (Victoria)

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