EP 35 - Jokers vs. Kings feat. Dr. Thurman Webb Jr. - Part 1


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Have you ever wondered about black men and the reasons behind their actions and interactions?

Tune in as the founder of Rebrand the Black Man, Dr. Thurman Webb Jr. candidly shares ample doses of revelation in this two part Jokers vs. Kings series.

Get answers on:

  • How does toxic masculinity impact you?
  • Why is it dangerous to pre-determine a man’s role without getting to know him?
  • What are the hidden fears a black man won’t admit, yet women overlook?
  • What are healthy ways black women can support and uplift black men (without being manipulated)?

Disregard the assumptions and statistics. Press play and connect to the heart and soul of a black man. The truth. The trials. The triumph.



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