EP 109 - Returning to BoPo's Radical Roots + 'No Big Deal' w/ Bethany Rutter


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In this week's episode, I'm talking to the sensational Bethany Rutter, journalist and author of the new book 'No Big Deal'. We're going deep on super important topics around body liberation and fat-phobia and why we need to return to BoPo's radical roots if we are actually going to make a difference. Lean in, because Bethany is this episode is gold and Bethany is dynamite 💥

In this ep, we discuss;

✨Bethany’s awesome new book, No Big Deal, and why Bethany was so passionate about writing a YA novel centering a fat babe✨Why we need to stop putting pressure on fat-representation in popular media to be boiled down to one experience + resonate with everyone all of the time✨Fat-shion + Bethany’s experiment to find a sartorial essential (a plain white tee) on the high street and why this highlights everyday discrimination against fat bodies✨The ‘thin-washing’ of the bo-po movement + why we need to return to it’s radical roots

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