EP79 - Finding Self-Worth Outside of Your Body w/ Jennifer Rollins of The Eating Disorder Center


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Today I'm speaking with the fantastic Jennifer Rollin, who is a Clinical Psychotherapist and Eating Disorder Specialist based in the US. We’re sharing loads of information about eating disorders, who gets them and why, we’re blowing some stereotypes out of the water, and talking about dos and don'ts if you’re supporting someone with an ED. Then we go on to talk more specifically about body image; how body bashing is a coping mechanism and ways to develop self-worth and value independent of your body which is a super important conversation regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced an eating disorder, so listen up!

In this episode we cover:

✨What having an ED is like ✨What EDs are and why people get them ✨Why stereotypes of EDs are so harmful and add to the stigma surrounding EDs ✨Warning signs of EDs and how to get help ✨ How best to support people in recovery ✨ How body bashing is a coping mechanisms for dealing with a deeper issue ✨ How to find self worth independent of your body ✨ Finally, we answer some listener questions, including, how can you lose weight while recovering from binge eating disorder

Show Notes

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