Awww, shucks! Thats a damn good oyster!


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Had a great time meeting up with Matt Ketchum, an oyster farmer from the North Fork of Long Island. Matt owns and operates Peconic Gold Oysters which has been operating since 2013 on a 10 acre underwater plot. Matt: "The nearby Peconic River provides a unique input of minerals. It is believed that the iron supplied by the river and the algae that bloom in the shallow waters combine to produce the gold color apparent on the oysters' shells throughout the growing season. They've noticed that an edible red algae, Gracillaria (seaweed salad) also thrives here. It is this combination of environmental factors acting in perfect harmony that combine perfectly to make for a cool, crisp, sweet flavor, and creamy texture, with a slightly metallic and smoky finish."

In addition to selling whole oysters, Peconic also sells freshly shucked oysters to go. Their farm stand is open every day and is set up for no-touch, curb side service.In addition, Matt has also collaborated with several business to produce oyster kimchi, oyster quiche and plans on working with a local brewery to produce an oyster beer.

We wrapped up the session discussing food and beverage pairings. Peconic loves to pair their oysters with wines from local vineyards. In particular, a cold, crisp Chenin Blanc. We met up with Sterling from Mama Roux who crafts "Cest Bon" a White Negroni made in collaboration with The Spirits Lab. We can't wait to try Peconic oysters matched up with the White Negroni!

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