Cluck you "Big Chicken!"


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We had a follow-up conversation with Kentucky poultry farmer, Charles Morris. Charles produces around 1.1 million chickens every 6-8 weeks for consumers. Charles and John Buttram were featured in Morgan Spulock's documentary, Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken. The documentary opened consumers eyes to "big chicken" and how oppressive and misleading the poultry industry is. Since 2017 Charles, John and other farmers have all received threats and other painful reprocussions for their role as "whistle blowers" in Morgan's documentary. Change has definitely begun as a result of the 2017 documentary but clearly, more needs to be done.

Most recently, some "big chicken" executives are showing up on the radar accused of price fixing by the federal justice department. CNN "The one-count indictment levels charges against the Pilgrim's Pride CEO, Jayson Penn, and former vice president, Roger Austin. Colorado-based Pilgrim's Pride (PPC) is the second largest broiler chicken supplier in the country, after Tyson Foods. Also charged were Mikell Fries and Scott Brady, president and vice president of Georgia-based Claxton Poultry Farms."

We support our farmers 100% and it is our hope that positive change WILL come; however, It's just not coming quick enough. Please listen and help spread the word.

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