51. Figuring out you Three Treasures


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In this episode, Dr. George and John and I talk about their “go to” page for anyone who wants to know how their Three Treasures energies are doing.

They often refer people to visit their Three Treasures Analysis page at www.JingHerbsTest.com as this is a great way for you to check in periodically with yourself to see how well your energies are being balanced… or not.

In this edition of the podcast, they explore more deeply the reason why this self-analysis is so helpful for people, regardless of whether it’s your first time using Chinese herbs or you have been using them for years. How does the analysis work?

How can you get the most accurate results? Once you get your results, what’s next?

By exploring all the questions in the Three Treasures Analysis, you can learn about what qualities each Treasure provides when healthy and how to detect when there is an underlying energetic imbalance.

Dr. George and John go through each category, explaining the rationale for the questions and how and why they might indicate deficiency in a particular category, as well as offering tips such as one thing most women need to be aware of on a regular basis to ensure optimal health.

An herbal program differs from many western style remedies because it works on many deeper levels. Find out more by listening to this podcast now!

Visit www.JingHerbs.com now!

Find out how your Three Treasures are doing at www.JingHerbsTest.com

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