58. Serenity & Skin - Dr Li Interview


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In this episode, Dr. George is pleased to introduce to you one of his personal teachers and mentors, Dr.Yue Ying Li. He met Dr. Li in acupuncture school where she was teaching. She specializes in internal medicine and dermatology.

In this podcast Dr. George and John explore with Dr. Li how she originally got involved in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). What’s amazing is she was actually treating herself with acupuncture from the time she was only 14 or 15 years old!

Over time, Dr. Li observed how stress and emotions contribute to disease and how, in many cases, we bring on our own symptoms due to various emotional patterns we adopt.

TCM is about bringing back harmony to the body on the energetic level, which in turn affects the physical level and brings balance. This is why the preventative approach of Chinese Medicine is so important.

In addition to sharing philosophical notes about her background and her study of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Li also shares with us some tips for maintaining a positive attitude and ways to stay in balance when we are challenged with opportunities to leave our center.

Also, we talk about food sensitivities: what causes them, and how to resolve them. As a dermatology specialist, we even go into issues associated with aging skin, wrinkles, use of topical steroids, acupuncture and facelifts, dealing with pain, the importance of sleep, and more.

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