3 Questions to Help You Tune Into Your Body


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Have you ever found yourself following a diet plan or a protocol only to get bored or only last a few weeks before you “fall off the wagon” or revert back to your old way of doing things? Do you feel like you do ok when you’re on a strict guideline but the minute life happens and you travel, go out to eat or have a stressful day you fall back into old habits? Does it feel like you’re really black and white about your health and like you’re either being “good” and adhering to a plan or you’re being “bad” and doing whatever you want?

It can feel like a really frustrating cycle of trying something, falling off, trying something, and falling off. If you’re felt this way you’re certainly not alone!

Sometimes we need specific protocols to support us during different phases of our healing journey, but in order to cultivate sustainability in our healing journey, what we really need to do is become experts at listening to what our bodies are telling us and turning inwards.

Listening to our bodies has become a vague and somewhat challenging task because we've gotten so used to looking outside of ourselves for information and guidance on how to feel better.

Instead of constantly searching and looking outside of ourselves for the answers, in this episode I'll share tips on how to look within as the only way to really figure out what works best for you and your beautiful body, and three questions to help you tune into your body.

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