Chapped and Cracked Dry Lips to Healthy Lips - 046


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In episode 46 of the Anti-Aging Lifestyle I go deep on how to maximize the health and look of your lips, which is often overlooked when discussing skincare.

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Some highlights from the episode:

Background: What is the function of your lips, what makes them special, and what is their structure?

Exfoliate: Learn how to exfoliate your lips correctly and why it’s so important.

Internal Hydration: Why is internal hydration so important for our lips?

External Hydration: What are some ways we can boost the hydration of our lips from an external standpoint? Are there things we should avoid?

Sun Protection: How should we think about protecting our lips from excess UV damage? Can you just put any SPF product on your lips? Is that even safe?

Stop Licking: Why it’s so important to stop licking your lips when they feel dry.

Mouth Breathing: Can breathing through your mouth actually dry out your lips and promote aging?

Lipstick: I do my best to give you some tips to prevent your lipstick from aging or damaging your lips.

Lip Injections: In this day and age, I would be remiss not to mention injections, and the pros and cons of getting them done.

I finish the episode with Tomko Tip #46 where I discuss the power and importance of realizing you are a time billionaire… the most valuable billionaire there is.

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