EP 106 - Real versus Fake Intuitive Eating w/ Jess Rann


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This week on the pod Laura’s teaming up with Jess, Registered Dietitian and clinician here at the London Centre for Intuitive Eating, to tackle some myths that we've seen flying around about intuitive eating.

In this episode they discuss:

✨ What Intuitive Eating is + what it isn't, including a summary of the principles of IE ✨ Whether you need to be hormonally and biochemically "restored" before working on IE ✨ Why emotional eating isn't inherently a bad thing + what we can learn from it ✨ Why the idea that IE = "eating what you want when you want" is trash ✨ How working through IE looks different on everyone and will take different people different amounts of time to make peace with food and their bodies ✨ Why IE is actually health-promoting ✨ How to spot fake IE versus true IE

Show Notes

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