1377: LLVLC Classic - Dr. Shauna Young Sounding The Alarm On The Rise In Autism


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Naturopath and autism specialist Dr. Shauna Young is our guest today in Episode 1377of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”

In this LLVLC Classic episode we bring you Dr. Shauna Young from the Assertive Wellness Center and the non-profit, publicly-funded No Harm Foundation. When it comes to doing anything about the variety of conditions on the autism spectrum, some have taken on a fatalistic attitude that there is nothing that can be done about it. But this pessimistic mentality doesn’t sit well with Dr. Young. She’s now written a book full of astonishing case studies about her optimistic and effective philosophy on dealing with autism, ADHD, and more called Erasing Autism: The Spectrum Balance Protocol. With an estimated 1 in 68 people on the autism spectrum as of statistics from 2014 compared with 1 in 10,000 in the 1980s, this message is needed now more than ever.

DR. SHAUNA YOUNG APPEARANCE ON ECOSENSE https://youtu.be/EWH84s6NOdgListen in as Jimmy and Dr. Young discuss her early interest in natural medicine, how a tick bite led to Lyme’s Disease led her to research natural ways to fix her health, her “non-subtle way of yelling” at her audience when she gives a lecture, why people don’t think there is anything that can be done about autism, how her book is tailored for the parents who have done everything to help their child, erasing the cause will erase the symptoms, parents with kids on the autism spectrum have set the bar very low (“no cause, no treatment, no cure” is the mentality), the huge jump in autism spectrum cases in the past few decades, the manganese and iron mineral imbalance, why parents don’t want to have their kids diagnosed so they’re not in the system, how the autism spectrum has been highlighted on television shows like NBC-TV’s “The Slap” miniseries, the surprising response that autistic kids say about whether they are happy or not, those who erroneously believe the autism is what makes them as intelligent as they are, the “Outside The Box” video showing a great success story, the massive increase in processed foods, grains, and GMOs since the 1980’s have made autism rates rise astronomically, how she stumbled on the Paleo principles before she knew about it, the way grains chelate your iron levels, high manganese people are full of anxiety, stress, and panic all the time, the major moneymaking “gravy train” from autism, why eating very high-fat is so essential to the success of her program, how the parents of these autistic kids have no clue about cooking real food, is there any point in time when someone is too far gone to fix their issues, the 26 stunning case studies that support her methodology, why some parents just want to be told what to do, donate to The No Harm Foundation to help educate the public, the enormous amount of opposition she’s faced to the work she is doing, and the famous television doctor who is so beholden to grain-based and pharmaceutical sponsors that he won’t invite her to discuss her protocol.


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