Ellen Latham | When Setbacks are Your Biggest Training Asset


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If you asked Ellen Latham twenty years ago where will you be in the next ten years, she
probably would have said, "working at my dream job." But when Ellen was in her early 40s, raising
a child as a single parent and pursuing her career as a fitness instructor, she was suddenly let
go from that dream job. She had to weigh her options: she could either give up or forge a new
path. What started as Ellen’s small cycling classes grew into a thriving fitness movement built
on the idea of accepting your setbacks in order to overcome them: Orangetheory. Ellen’s years
of research, expertise as a fitness instructor, and her own challenges have shaped the
philosophy behind Orangetheory; it’s for everyone, at any level, no matter your ability. On this
episode, Ellen breaks down the science behind every Orangetheory workout, what it takes to be
not just a good but a great trainer, and why anyone, no matter your training goals, should make
fitness a lifestyle.

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