Shaquem Griffin | How to Maintain Your Confidence in the Face of “No”


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When Shaquem Griffin was 4, he had his left hand amputated. Growing up, that didn’t hold him back from much, including playing football—even though most of his coaches, players, and friends didn’t think he’d ever be able to make more than a hobby of it. Shaquem, now a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, holds some of his sport’s top awards and has certainly proved his doubters wrong. In addition to training and practicing relentlessly, Shaquem has spent his entire life honing an unbreakable never-give-up mindset. It’s what has allowed him to defy expectations and develop unwavering self-confidence that has taken him all the way to the top. In this episode, Shaquem breaks down how his approach to self-talk, recovery, nutrition, and more helped him achieve what seemed like an impossible dream.
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