How Technology Can Help To Lose Weight With Nutrition Plans - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #083


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Staying very much on the summer theme, this week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we talk about losing weight in the most efficient ways. While trying to force yourself to live in the gym and only focusing on your calories-out can be exhausting for your body, nutrition tracking is a more sensible way to go. It won't only help with reaching your short-term weight loss goals, but also put you on a healthy path for the long run.

And thanks to some great innovations out there, you won't need to become a nutritionist and come up with your own meal plans. All you have to do is download an app and you'll be ready for your smart diet journey.

Listen to this week's episode to learn about the best products & services that will keep your nutrition in check!

Three Things You Will Learn

1) Apps That Will Teach You How To Cook Healthy Meals

If you're on a serious weight loss journey and don't prep your own meals, you've got to change now. The first app that can help with this is Paprika. Paprika has an extensive database of recipes that can turn you into a master chef in a sec. Each recipe has a star rating and an ingredient list that you can use when doing your grocery shopping. And to make your life as easy as possible, use their calendar to create meal plans a month in advance!

Paprika can be a great fit if you like flexibility, but if you prefer being told what you should eat, DietPoint is the app for you. DietPoint comes with fairly similar features to Paprika, but it has the added benefit of fixed diet plans.

DietPoint has 130 plans to chose from, all of which are designed to create a caloric deficit. They have a good variety of options to cater for all tastes, and each of them comes with an estimated weight loss number. Press play to learn about the specific diet plans of DietPoint in more detail!

2) The Most Comprehensive Nutrition Tracking App

Healthy meals and diet plans are useful, but what really does the magic when it comes to losing weight is nutrition tracking. And this is why you should grab your phone, click on the App Store and download Lifesum right now!

Lifesum is a comprehensive healthy eating app that helps you keep track of your nutrition intake via a diary screen and your personal macros page. To maximize results, fill out the Lifesum quiz and let the app recommend a diet plan that matches your goals.

Once you've chosen your plan, the app will set your calorie intake and macros ratio recommendations that you can track your actual intake against every single day. At the end of each day, you can get a nutrition breakdown displayed on pie & bar charts for some great visual feedback.

Besides the daily breakdown, Lifesum also has a food rating system that will rate each one of your meals. The rating algorithm takes into account factors like biological effects, satiety index and of course how well you follow your suggested macros distribution. Amazing features to learn and improve your eating habits for good.

Lifesum has a little surprise for all our 20 Minute Fitness listeners, so tune in to find out more!

3) How Your Genetics Can Guide Your Meal Plans

Finally, a more scientific approach to losing weight with nutrition plans is when you let your genetics to set the road. Diet Fit by DNAfit will help you uncover everything about your dietary DNA profile via conducting a salvia test.

Once you receive your test results, DNAfit will set a highly personalized nutrition plan based on your genetics and any potential intolerances or allergies you may have. You'll kick off with a private consultation with a dietitian and get support throughout all 12 weeks of your program.

Press play to learn about how DNA testing can help you reach your weight loss goals and set you up for a long-term success!

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