How Technology Can Help To Stay Hydrated - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #095


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Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we are discussing a crucial matter for our health: hydration. Hydration is extremely important not only for fitness purposes but for basically keeping yourself alive. 60-70% of our body is made up of water and it's essential for maintaining a healthy functioning of your key organs, like your heart. Losing as little as 2% of your body's water content can lead to dehydration, which could have several negative effects on your daily life. But today we're here to prevent this by introducing the best innovations out there that won't let you ever experience dehydration. Press play to learn how tech can help you to stay on top of your hydration game!

Three Things You'll Learn
1) Cheap Hydration Reminders

As you probably could've guessed, there are a number of apps out there, which are specializing in hydration. These apps can basically take the place of your personal assistant and make sure that you never forget to drink enough water.
The first one is called Plant Nany, which aims to gamify hydration. As the name suggests, you get a virtual plant that you have to take care of. Every sip of water is translated into watering your plant, which will help in its growth. Besides having fun, you can also set water-intake goals, look at your historic data and work on improving over time in a systematic manner.

For those who are not that interested in the gamification part, we have Daily Water (for iPhone users) and Water Drink Reminder (for Android users). These apps have the same underlying approach of trying to build your habit of drinking enough water via reminders throughout the day. They will let you set your unit and volume of choice and provide you with more detailed insights on past consumption habits. Listen on to hear more about the different features these hydration apps have!

2) Smart Water Bottles

Taking it a step further, there are also physical products that can help in hitting your hydration goals. On the smart water bottles' end, we have Hydrate Spark 3. This smart bottle reminds you when to drink by lighting up and also tracks your water intake. The bottle comes with an app that sets your personalized hydration goals every day based on your activity level, physique, and the weather. After the data is synced to the app, you can compare how well you are doing based on your targets.

If you're one of those who don't like caring water bottles around, you can also get a hydration reminder attachment called Ulla. This tiny gadget can be placed on any glass or bottle that you're drinking from, which is a great flexibility benefit. Ulla also tracks when you're drinking water and sends you reminders by blinking min 1x/hour. This way you'll never forget to sip on a glass of water regularly. Press play to hear how Hydrate Spark 3 and Ulla will ensure that drinking enough water becomes your next healthy habit!

3) The Multifunctional Water Bottle

Finally, we have a gadget that's not just a smart water bottle, but also a nutritionist at the same time. Lifefuels is probably the most high-tech water bottle you've ever seen. On one side, this smart nutrition bottle also helps you stay hydrated by tracking your beverage consumption, allowing you to set goals and giving you feedback on your hydration progress.

And on the other hand, which is the wow factor of Lifefuels, it also ensures your right nutrient and vitamin consumption in a tasty way. You can insert fuel pods in the base of the bottle and with the help of the app dispense these in the liquid the bottle contains. There are various categories of fuels, such as wellness and fitness, with special flavors and benefits.
Tune in to today's episode to discover what fuel pods you can get with your Lifefuels bottle!

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