The Ultimate Coffee Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Health, Including The Latest Lab Results On Which Coffee Is The Healthiest.


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The results are officially in. Using 3 independent labs from around the globe, we have analyzed over 100 different coffees representing 46 different brands... ...and I'm revealing the official results here and delving into the nitty-gritty details on this podcast. In this "solosode" podcast, you'll also discover: -The top recently researched benefits of coffee...5:45 NYT reports that coffee drinkers may live longer JAMA article: Association of Coffee Drinking With Mortality by Genetic Variation in Caffeine Metabolism Drinking coffee may contribute to a longer life span. 2017 study on the connection between coffee and a longer life span -Reasons coffee may contribute to a longer life span...9:25 Strong correlation between increased coffee consumption and reduced risk of cardio vascular disease. Regular coffee drinkers have 20% decreased risk of stroke. Coffee has polyphenols Over 1000 studies have linked coffee to cancer prevention Caffeinated coffee profound decrease in risk of breast, prostate and liver cancer. Caffeinated coffee correlated to reduced risk of Parkinson's disease. Decreases risk of depression My podcast with Dr. Sanjiv Chopra on the health benefits of coffee -When to be careful with your coffee intake...15:45 Avoid addiction. Switch to tea from time to time If you're a slower caffeine metabolizer If you're pregnant -How the health benefits of coffee are compromised through packaging and processing...18:15 The vast majority of coffee companies do not package their product touting the health benefits of coffee 5 problems to watch out for: Most coffee cherries are doused with pesticides and chemicals Even organic coffees use substandard beans Coffee beans often develop mold in the production process Roasting process often chars the coffee beans. Burns away health benefits. It's stale; sits in the store for 6-12 months before being purchased. -What we tested for in each of the coffees we tested...27:00 Level of roasting (We used an Agtron spectrophotometer) Acidity Mold and yeast (fungi) Ochratoxin A (OTA) Bacillus cereus Pesticides (Only 3% of coffees are certified organic) Metals Acrylamide Chlorogenic acids Caffeine "Cupping" score (quality) -The results of our comprehensive coffee test...36:40 -How to do a coffee enema...40:47 My article on coffee enema's What you'll need: Coffee enema kit (not plastic) Suppository (when traveling) Stainless steel bucket w/ clamp and tube Organic coffee Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker (amazon link) I use around 30 oz. of coffee. Cool it. (Ideal is room temperature) And much more! Resources mentioned in this episode: -Kion Coffee -Kion Coffee Lab Results -Glytamins -Stainless steel coffee enema kit -A Quest To Find The Purest Coffee On The Planet (& The Shocking Truth About Popular “Organic” Coffee Beans) Episode Sponsors: -The Kion Daily Life Bundle Ben Greenfield and Team Kion’s Go-to, Everyday Essentials! Kion Aminos Tablets Kion Bar (12) Kion Coffee Kion Lean -GainsWave Firmer, more resilient erections. Take it from me, IT WORKS! Get a free treatment when you purchase 6 treatments using my link. -JOOVV Enhance Your Health with Light Therapy. Try the brand new JOOVV Go. Get a free gift with your purchase when you use my link. -Omax The purest Omega 3 supplement in the world. Get 60% off your first order, free shipping, and a 60 day money back guarantee. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for me about coffee? Leave your comments below and I will reply!

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