To Hell & Back With Autoimmune Disease: How To Heal Autoimmunity With Diet, Relationships, Lifestyle & More.


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Ryan Lee (my guest on this podcast) and I go way back. The man is probably responsible for initiating and teaching me just about everything I know in the realm of online marketing and success in the fitness industry. Over a decade ago, I began to delve into his teachings and websites, and it was through him that I learned how to create information products, e-books, virtual coaching and a host of other profit-generating and information-scaling tools I still utilize to this day. Ryan himself is an exercise physiologist and the founder of bars. He’s also the author of , , was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, and called “the world’s #1 lifestyle entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur. Several years ago, Ryan was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (psoriatic arthritis), and ignored the advice of his MD to go on chemo, while instead focused on coming up with a psoriatic arthritis diet plan, and simplifying his life, relationships, business, and more. We delve into that story on today's show. During our discussion, you'll discover: -Ryan's journey from fledgling personal trainer to the "godfather" of the online fitness industry [09:15] First job (1994): recreational therapist in a children's rehab hospital; was a personal trainer during non-work hours Internet marketing career began in 1998; writing articles and GIF's on a website Sold training programs to readers -- Craig Valentine assisted Began selling his knowledge to other health enthusiasts to grow their businesses (including Ben Greenfield) -How the online fitness industry has changed since Ryan's early days [13:40] It's much easier to establish an online presence today... and to claim to be a "fitness coach" with little to no real experience Measure an individual by how many people they've helped in real life, not on vanity metrics on social media Double-edged sword: "Real Dealers" can help many more people than the old days -The personal struggle that caused Ryan to take a step back from his business [16:25] Had started a supplement company - Pro Grade Nutrition (affiliate based company) Top affiliate formed his company, and took his friends with him Mother passed; print magazine failed Began eating more; exercising less Began having severe joint pain; no idea about the cause Rheumatologist diagnosed an autoimmune disease (psoriatic arthritis); prescribed chemo as treatment Excess stress directly contributes to leaky gut, autoimmune issues -The steps from debilitating illness to a nearly complete recovery [24:35] Sought out informed docs who could help; Brian Kurtz Psoriatic Arthritis Diet: Naturopathic doctor recommended removing gluten, dairy and cane sugar Elimination diet (see above); within 2 days, noticeable results Began eating gluten, dairy, sugar slowly; stress levels were erratic; eventually was diagnosed with high blood pressure Simplification deep dive: Focus on morning routine Began eating bars (every bar on the planet) Ryan's special salad recipe: Greens (spinach, arugula) Can of Use if concerned about oxalate issues in the spinach Fell off the wagon because the psoriatic arthritis diet plan was too strict; eat clean and healthy at least 80% of the time Short-term pescatarian diet was very efficacious Tests for Lyme, mold, mycotoxins came back negative -Lifestyle practices Ryan used to control stress [37:11] Quit traveling to speak at conferences and events Reduced business activities; focused on one company Recommitting to family Simplify fitness Sit in silence w/ deep breathing -Reflexology 101 [41:23] Chakras w/ nerve endings on the feet Place tennis ball underneath occipital point in the neck while laying down Book: by Ernst Schrott -Other big wins Ryan has discovered in his recovery [48:49] Entrepreneurs pride themselves on the hustle and grind, much to their detriment Recovery is essential; listen to your body Teach kids hard work, but also rest and recovery iPhone red light trick Safe in the bedroom closet for electronics -The extent to which Ryan is currently involved in the fitness industry [56:01] Focused primarily on the energy bar company "Sneaky greens" -And much more... 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