Sustained Fight or Flight: The other Pandemic


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Today’s episode gets real in a different way as Elysia and Mara share some deep personal truths and recent ER adventures to break down physical & mental distress through a heightened pandemic two years. They explore the connection between the mind and body— certain organ failures can lead to personality disorders, hormonal over-production can lead to constant panic, inflammation and distress. Gut issues, depression, panic, anxiety, brain fog, body aches, inhibited sleep-- the list goes on— these symptoms can be caused by a plethora of stimuli but one thing stays true: Your mind has the power to calm your body and vice versa. Ever listened to your favorite song to amp yourself up before something important? Same principle. Meditation comes in many forms, music, stillness, silence, painting, writing, and can lower your cortisol through breath work, mindfulness, and full body awareness.

Scientific resources for the study of meditation and effects on hormonal control and endocrine system:

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